Amalie Bryde addresses sexual harrassment in the Music industry with “Lay Down”

Are you broke or just bored?
I doubt I need to know
Don’t make me feel bad sayin’ no

Amalie Bryde, also known as Kool Kat, is standing up, and she’s proud of it. The video premiere of her new single “Lay Down” (out January 22nd) is about her saying “no” to what others want her to do.

This track is a way for the London-based singer-songwriter and producer to refuse a perception attributed to women.

This isn’t the first time Amalie Bryde openly speaks about gender equality and self-empowerment. She already discussed the fourth-wave of feminism with us. She even shared her vision of women’s struggles in the music industry. 

“In “Lay Down” I sing about a man only wanting to have sex with me. But “Lay Down” is so much more! “Lay Down” is a commentary on gender inequality and what it means to be a woman in the 21st century; religiously, politically, professionally (“me too”), etc.”

The release of “Lay Down” early this year is powerful enough for Kool Kat to show her true self and to express women’s strength. The tone is set in the intro: “Don’t make me feel bad sayin’ no”. Sure, laying down has a sexual connotation, but it also means staying passive and accepting to be controlled by someone or something. Amalie Bryde won’t play that part anymore.

The music video shows it well. All Amalie Bryde’s versions are lying down in the grass. They are connected with a rope. At some point, this rope squeezes her body, then her throat. This is a metaphorical element. It shows that sometimes women can’t use their bodies or their voices as they want to. There is pressure around them.

Here, Amalie Bryde takes back control of her own actions. She’s the one in charge because she’s the only one capable of breaking free. Without the rope, she can stand up and pursue her own path.

Amalie Bryde Mélanie Domergue
Feminism and women’s place in society are two really important subjects in Kool Kat’s work.

This music video directed by Luke Logan takes everyone by surprise: this isn’t a sweet innocent song, as one might think because of its bucolic aspect or the melodic guitar at the beginning. In fact, this laid-back vibe contrasts with the sharp lyrics, which expresses her true will and her determination.

The video starts with a statement. The last seconds are about her looking straight into the camera. She did it: she took back her life, and she’ll be the only one deciding what she wants to do or say from now on.

Amalie Bryde stayed productive during quarantine: she released three new songs and produced the videos from her bedroom. The Danish artist already proved creativity, passion, and talent were in her veins: she wrote her first songs on the piano when she was only 12. “Lay Down” is a great way to start the year. Who knows, it might be the beginning of a new era!

Mélanie Domergue

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