AMARA – Pure And Vulnerable, Like Kaolin

“Mirror, mirror, tell me and say how beautiful am I today”

Venerable beauty with white purity, yet vulnerable like white kaolin

Enchanting AMARA, we’ve previously discovered with her stunning Kanye West cover, Only One, releases her three-track EP, titled Kaolin.

This EP will be the first installment of ‘Porcelain‘, AMARA’s debut project — which will be released as a trio of EPs over the remainder of 2016.

It is available for purchase at Apple Music, as well as streaming.

Three tracks only, but already reveals a great richness in AMARA’s songwriting,

As we feel like her voice is haunted by Billie Holiday’s inspiration talking about a  True Romance simple words Don’t Explain,

Before jumping into a suicide romance, referring to Last Night‘s dark memories, which illustrates the naivety and vulnerability the young woman sketches along her music playing.

Going from jazzy vibes to sounds more similar to (British?) Pop with Porcelain, 

Her bright talent, in her dark universe vibrates with Music and bounces with grace and poetry along the rhythms and melodies.

AMARA - Pure And Vulnerable, Like Kaolin 1


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