Katie Garibaldi – The Beauty In Songwriting

Grabbing a pen to let go of the million thoughts that weigh on your mind in pain,

Playing with words, putting them into a poem, putting it a song,

About to paint the eight million stories of your life, alone, in a dark room,

Until you end up adding colors to these paintings and realize the tiny yet shiny sparkles of your life,

Maybe a life brighter than the smile you’ll make after reading your (song)writing

And that, is the beauty in songwriting. That’s why Music can be mind-healing.

Katie Garibaldi, a San Francisco based Singer/Songwriter, can tell about it.

She’s released recently a new EP, titled Rooted Clarity, consisting with a collection of songs composed at a moment of clarity.

Song ‘I Am’, for example, was written when she was feeling alone, and frustrated, as she confides The Boot, until she finds out she’s not – You look around think nobody’s here ; (sweet voice sighing) I Am.

Maybe a friend, maybe God in person, that who says I Am gives you comfort again.

This songs is made to give peace of mind, the lighter the voice, the more soothing the violin strings, all along the rhythm of a cheerful and peaceful ballad.

On My Own is another example of the beauty in songwriting, when writing and singing allows you to find yourself: self-discovery.

She confides Songwriting Magazine:

“This is a song I wrote about self-discovery and the journey of following unknown paths where dreams lead, even if it means leaving behind old beliefs and people you once hung onto.

It’s a song about growing up and opening yourself up to the endless possibilities that the world has to offer, taking chances in life, and ultimately becoming a better person with the experience gained.

It was one of the first songs we recorded in the studio for the EP and it was very touching to finally play it live with these wonderful musicians for the first time at the San Francisco release show.”

Her songwriting is deep and delightful enough to earn Katie a nomination for Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

Katie already  has been named a Music Connection magazine Top 100 Live Unsigned Artist and is an active voting member of the Recording Academy.

Awards include Songwriter of the Year from Songsalive!Emerging Artist of the Year and Best Folk Song for “Stand In My Way” from the Indie Music Channeland Artist of the Month by The Deli Magazine SF. 

The beauty in her songwriting has been acknowledged.

Let’s end with one of her previous works:


Marcus Gon

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