Drake: The Actual Meaning Behind “Certified Lover Boy”

“Look, gotta hold my head high up with two dry eyes
I told you everything is fine, dawg, but I lied
I be tryna draw the line, but it’s a fine line
And I’m drowning out the noise from the sideline
Sometimes it’s louder than the voice I got in my mind
I can’t even hear myself when I get quiet time”

Certified Lover Boy, the writing of an intimate letter

Certified Lover Boy is finally released after quite a long wait, indeed. One year after last hit “Laugh Now, Cry Nater”, Drake eventually unveiled his anticipated album, with a particular taste for melancholia and introspection.

Many of his fans have been expecting a fiery 15-track, the memorable type of album, worthy of his accolade of Artist of the Decade. However, some of them confess their disappointment, describing a lukewarm body of work.

Harsh judgement, probably not quite careful enough to his true intention for this album. Drake’s actual message behind “Certified Lover Boy“, sounds more like an intimate letter (Poetic Justice), written with weepy eyes and hidden in a dirty pocket of a cold and empty heart.

Dans le podcast qui suit, avec Alfred Dilou, on vous explique tout sur Drake et ses intentions derrière Certified Lover Boy.

The industry and the success of his career let him jaded and grey. The only times when he regroups are with his family, mostly his son, whom he never spoke about before the beef with Pusha T.

Nothing more to hide not to prove, his failures are certified, as well as his joys:

“This the part where I don’t ever say “Pardon me” anymore 

This the part where I’ma find a new part of me to explore 

This the part where all my partners know what we in it for This the part where we gon’ throw us a party after the war” – Champagne Poetry

The last time Drake presented an album as a letter, it was for If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late : kind of a break-up message. Sentimental break, a split with fake friends in the industry, a breakup with himself and his own image(Know Yourself).

Perhaps he’ll come back with an piping-hoy new album, but now is the time for Drizzy to Pipe Down, and express one last time his feelings. Far from behing emotionless, our Boy is in his feels again, as Snoh Aalegra would sing.

Self-Depreciation: Certified Lover Boy, the caricature of Play Boy character

With Certified Lover Boy, Drake actually caricatures his self-image of notorious Play Boy. The narrative goes indeed way deeper, searching for a new side of himself to explore.

Throughout the 15 tunes, half of them indicate that our play boy sounds like a Batman than a Bruce Wayne.

Loving and selfless, until he loses himself in the process

Champagne Poetry sums up the whole energy of the album writing, and echoes with A$AP Rocky’s song Rich Nigga Problems de ASAP Rocky, the actual Rihanna’s certified lover boy:

“When you don’t drink champagne but you orderin’ cases
All your friends hangin’ ’cause they know that you payin’
When them bills backin’ up and black ain’t enough
And them checks addin’ up, you just don’t wanna be famous ” 

-ASAP Rocky, Rich Nigga Problem

“Rich Nigga Problem” recalls the hurt of being generous around people who project you only Fake Love.

 “More Life, cause I’m generous” as Drake used to rap, back in 2017.

“I took a half and she took the whole thing, slow down, baby ” – Drake, Laugh Now, Cry Later, 2020.

But such generosity not appreciated as it should be, faces the the bad things, hypocrisis, and waste of energy. Which explains the messages in the following songs:  “Energy”, “God’s Plan”, “Fake Love”, and today “No Friends in The Industry“.

Self-love: Drake retreats to find himself again.

These situations touch a man’s mental and sensitiveness. With elegance and the class of an urban poet, Drake retreats so he can find himself again. Such resolution give birth to songs like Do Not Disturb, Emotionless, and lastily Champagne Poetry and The Remorse.

“Nobody praying for you when you winning, don’t forget it.” 

At last, let’s admit how good it feels to hear a male rapper confess his weaknesses, remorses, shortcomings, pains… and just let it flow. Let them tears drop. No matter the hostility of toxic masculinity in Hip-Hop. A message conveyed with irony and self-depreciation in the Laugh Now Cry Later clip.

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