Dacey’s “Luv U A Lil Bit”: Saltiest Love Song Ever

I miss yo stupid kiss
Tell me you reminisce
Still wondering what I could do
To get another taste of you
So if it all goes down today
I promise I won’t stray away
I came back this time to stay

Luv U A Lil Bit

Vancouver-based band Dacey recently dropped their latest single, “Luv U A Lil Bit.” Its punchy beat and swaggy lyrics demand attention, promising that this track is one we won’t be able to stop singing along with.

“Luv U A Lil Bit” is an anti-ballad in that it is has none of the traditional sappiness of a love song. Instead, it takes a more everyday approach to affection: the kind that is heavily laced with teasing and eye rolling and maddening back and forths. It is a track that confesses love to someone while also playfully calling out their more exasperating personality traits.

Dacey produces enchanting melodies that seem magically engineered to make the listener bop their head. Their first EP, Satin Playground, was released earlier this year. It is a lush soundscape composed of richly layered harmonies, tranquil cords, and sighing vocals.

The lead vocalist Dacey Andrada has impeccable rhythm. Gifted with expressing multitudes in the space of a few fluid, airy lines, she imbues each song with an intoxicating ease.

Justin Tecson is on guitar and keys, Waterfall Eyes on guitar, Joshfrompomo on bass, and Marco Marin on drums. Together, Dacey has forged a fresh sound that is a fusion of alternative RnB, indie, jazz, and lo-fi hip hop.

The Single

“Luv U A Little Bit” has the fun and teasing tone of someone reluctantly admitting she is infatuated. After all, with the line “can’t be by myself / want what’s not healthy,” Dacey demonstrates that she is going into this with full knowledge that it might not be what is best for her.

But what can she do in the face of her crush’s endearing quirks? She can’t help but love him a little bit. Tossing aside sap for bluntness, Dacey admits this love from the very first verse:

I miss yo stupid shit
And all yo messy fits
Yeah I need yo cupid lips
Yo grip tight on my hips
If that ain’t
If that ain’t it
Boy know I’m finna dip
But you bring me back on my shit
Luv u a lil bit

Luv U A Lil Bit

“Luv U A Lil Bit” is salty poetry sprinkled with sugar: it narrates the experience of needing a person while also shaking your head at them, and the whole time smiling in spite of yourself.

Being apart has made Dacey realize how much she misses her lover, messy fits and all. She promises that this time when she comes back she will stay… as long as he is equally invested in the relationship. If not, she’s dipping.

The retro-inspired cover art represents this experience in a whimsical way: a girl melting like an ice cream, presumably from love.

Recent Dacey’s Discography

With its electric guitar and groovy beat, “Luv U A Lil Bit” complements the tracks from Satin Playground.

The first song on the project, the fiery “Sidewalks,” intros with the static crackling of an old record player before slipping into a beat that demands to be moved to. From the moment that Dacey sings “I got a lot of things to say / I need to come off strong / I really need to get it straight / I can’t be waiting long,” the tone for the entire album is set: melodic stories that explore the fallout from a broken relationship.

Each song melts beautifully into the next, tied together with jazz-inspired instrumentation and Dacey’s stunning voice. The effect is a dreamy summertime album, perfect for lazy afternoons stretched out in a patch of sunshine. Striking lyrics swirl virtuosically into lo-fi beats, like molten chocolate folding into a decadent batter.

From raw, melancholy “Night Calls” to the absolutely delightful tribute to weed that is “Broccoli’s Keeper,” each song transports the listener.

It is no wonder that the EP is titled Satin Playground, for the tracks are silky smooth and playful in their originality. Furthermore, one gets the sense that the band just has fun together— and “Luv U A Lil Bit” is certainly a product of this fun-loving personality.

So roll down your windows, blast your speaker, and soak up these late summer days with Dacey’s latest drop.

Piper Anderson

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