London-based singer Niomí breaks down her sound signature with her debut “Susurrus”

Niomi sound signature susurrus

There is no greater moment of fulfillment for musicians than when they have finally found their signature sound. And for London-based singer Niomí, it resembles a “susurrus”.

Reinventing herself in this solo debut EP, the artist tells a story of loss, heartbreak and desire to find oneself again in three acts: “Movement, “Snow” and “Advantage”. Deeper than that, “Susurrus” offers a version of the artist that seeks to be whole again.

Susurrus is about finding my sound.“- Niomí

London-based singer Niomí breaks down her sound signature with her debut "Susurrus" 1

Defined as ‘the sound of the wind moving in the trees’, “Susurrus” is a perfect analogy to Niomí’s refined, soft, whisper-like voice that denotes itself from the likes of Solange or Joy Crookes. The first track “Movement” is a demonstration of her flawless vocal blend in with the nostalgic pop sound she now nurtures.

“My voice is quiet and soft, as are parts of my personality. I can struggle with that and often feel I need to be bigger, louder or brighter.”– Niomí

Setting the tone for the rest of the EP, the violins announce her careful, melodious voice, punctuating the song with Niomí desire to sound soft, when at times the beat allows her to take up more space with a catchy hook:

“There was movement once, I felt it, I know it’s there”Movement

Moving away from the rn&b sound of her past experimental Tidelines duo, the pop genre seems to be the perfect registry for her solo voice to sour and express her most authentic self.

This is confirmed with the second track “Snow”, where Niomí completely embraces the genre. The visuals reveal her basking in a dreamlike, soft atmosphere where she occasionally alternates between light and shadow.

Tied with beautiful harmonies, “Snow” is a slow burn upbeat of synth, drums and piano, that seeks to wind away our worries as we’re driving, listening to the radio.

“And I let go, You left me fresh as fallen snow.”Snow

The third track “Advantage” takes a less pop stance and carries Niomí’s vocals where they need to go. Electric and truthful, her nostalgic and heartbreaking falsettos transport us right in the middle of her devastated self, where she languishes in pain.

“I ask you to take away my pain, but you never do.”Avantage

More than love songs, “Susurrus” is the confident projection of an artist turning the page on a heartbreaking chapter, ready to blossom in full force. Niomí successfully enveloppes us in the cocoon that is her voice, where everything is soft and quiet as her. A beautiful revelation.

Mélida Komla

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