Beverly Girl – Exciting And Addictive Funky Rhythms

Her steady gaze could freeze up the one who would dare to stare at her face,

A share of glances and a few dance moves later in a public square, she’d warm the atmosphere up

She’s purple, she’s golden, she’s as bright as the gleam in the eyes,

Some kind of Cosmic Girl

She’s a Beverly Girl.

Johanna Saarinen (vocalsTuomas Orasmaa (keyboardsArtur U (guitar, drum & bass synth programming) are back on track with a brand new single, released under a Finnish label called Ranka Kustannus.

Loyal to their promise to “deliver even bigger music along with their trademark danceable beat“,

The trio keeps on evolving singles after singles, producing catchier electronic sounds and more and more addictive funky rhythms along videos involving more dancers.

This song is another successful record for the Finnish band.

On another note, it is interesting to observe the direction of this clip, considering the obsession for the staring eyes, hardly blinking.

Some say you can read people’s mind looking at their eyes. As playful as these eyes can be, the band is definitely initiating its public to mind games.

The keyboards are still about these dark and electronic 80’s flavors, and they give a perfect blend of electronic Funk with addictive rhythms.

Addictive indeed, with its frenetic drums patterns, emphasized with the accentuation of the synthesizer.

Besides the mesmerizing vocals, the hypnotic dance moves and slight funky guitar strings, these rhythm patterns, obvious distinctive hallmark for Mind Games, have an actual impact on the mind:

Mind Games is the kind of song that keeps in you head for quite some time.

Marcus Gon

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