Chess Galéa: Onto The Crowdfunding Journey

Hard worker, her skills will kill any doubts about the authentic blast of her voice

Ambitious, she keeps her eyes up high in the sky, waiting on that day when the wind blows beneath her wings

So that she can eventually perform for a ‘Great Gig in the Sky’!

Chess Galea, full performer that you discovered few times ago, is back on track with a new ambitious project that is worth it, by far.

Sharing her world on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, she sets the field from which her career shall know an actual lift-off.

Besides, this is not the first time she uses crowdfunding. And the last time has been a success so far.

Indeed, as the graceful singer says on her Facebook Page:

I’ve done crowdfunding before and it has, YOU have, really helped my career flourish.
With the last campaign I managed to create an EP, when the track ‘Vanity’ reached the airwaves of BBC Introducing.
At the end of that year I was also nominated for Best Solo Artist at the Malta Music Awards.”

Now that she has climbed a mountain, the next step is obviously to breath the air right in the clouds of the Sky.

So she comes back with this crowdfunding project “Great Gig in the Sky”:

A 10-cover videos beforehand project, aimed at giving her more recognition and support.

To understand even more this project, Chess gave us the honor to respond the following questions for a quite informative interview.


1) Can you explain your choice of specifically 10 covers?  

The songs are:

1. Oh, had I a golden thread, Eva Cassidy

2. You make me feel like natural woman, Aretha Franklin

3. I’ve got to see you again, Norah Jones

4. Somebody to love, Queen

5. At last, Etta James

6. Cry me a river

7. Kissing You, Des’ree

8. Will you be there, Michael Jackson

9. All that Jazz, Chicago

10. The Great Gig in the Sky, Pink Floyd

I think having 10 makes it enough to show variation and also provides the backers and fans with more than just a couple of things to enjoy after all the time and effort spent promoting and supporting. This way, they could have something each month for 10 months!!

2) Why not produce live one of your originals already released among the covers?

I would love to do that!! Provided I get enough funds I will do this.

3) You said you found your vocal style (with Jessie Ware), yet, with your ‘versatility’, do you have more than one vocal style?

I’d like to think I will always, constantly be improving, I have definitely found my voice and I am able to express myself freely and experiment confidently. So that’s it really – it’s wonderful to see how the colours of the voice can adapt and change, paired with different tones and onsets, depending on what you are singing, to add to the feel and the message of the song.

4) Can you tell us about your most significant achievement in your career? What is the thing you’re the most proud of?

I am really happy to say that I was nominated for best solo artist at the Malta Music awards and that my track Vanity was played on BBC introducing. It is hard to be in this industry without a manager or someone who knows the ropes, so when a good thing happens I feel like I’m on the right track.

5) ‘CHESS: THE GREAT GIG’ sounds really nice, like one of these good Live DVD. In these kind of DVD the gig is often produced at a great venue. What’d be the venue of our dreams?

Thank you -The O2, most definitely!!!

6) After the campaign, do you have an idea of where you would perform/produced your covers?

Yes, I already have a good team in mind, the same team that were involved in Great Gig In the Sky – although I would love to expand that team and involve more talent and creativity in this process.

7) Have you already sketched the idea for your next EP?
I’ve got so many ideas I just need to make a decision as to what path I am going to go down.
Eventually I will execute all these ideas in different EP’s/albums….
But…. What should I go for first? I’d love to hear what you guys would want to hear from me.

8) To get back at the 10 cover playlist: these are all very different styles, from Norah Jones to Queen, to M.J. and Aretha Franklin. The one common point: the unique voice performance. Is this project also aimed to reveal your skills and put your vocal talent in light?

Hopefully yes! But it’s not solely about the vocals, I want to show my love for performing live, for re-arrangement and adaptation, performing and directing. I will involve different vocal deliveries though, as I previously mentioned, I love experimenting with my voice. What you will definitely get though, is me giving you my best.

9) What did lead you to the crowdfunding campaign? Tell us about this experience.

At the end of last year I met somebody who really and truly believes in me and supports my dream of becoming a successful solo artist. This instigated a lot of motivation and inspiration from both sides.
I remember a 6-hour drive, just planning this campaign and going through ideas.
It really put a boost to the beginning of 2015.

10) Tell us about this original and appealing idea to engage or to propose an offer to your supporters.

I have done it before and it amazed me that support came from all over the world – from people that I had never met before too. It’s really exciting for both myself and my fans and supporters. I like the idea that I am doing what I do not only because I love it, but also because people want to see me achieve my goals. I also love giving the rewards, it’s a lot of fun!

Thank you Chess!

Dear readers and listensers, you can show some support for her crwofunding campain going by going through her Indiegogo platform, right here!

She’s worth it.



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