Azu Yeché: Pain of a British Nigerian Native

Telling the tragic of stories you never can get past

Often rhymes with the description of a mighty emotional blast

Writing down your passion with blood in your pen, releasing pain through one openhearted songwriting.

Azu Yeché delivers this kind of rhymes, tragically sad, in his brand new single titled ‘Lagos”.

This is pure emotional Soul music, this is pure Storytelling’s power, this is pure marvel.

One episode you could, once again, never get past, as your mind keeps on pressing rewind and making you watch this episode, on and on.

Lagos, his latest single, produced by Tony White (Zero 7, BBC Horizons, Zemmy), released on June 4 via Farmhouse Records,

Alongside an acoustic version of live fan-favourite ‘Black Market’ as its B-side.

And, this track tells the tragic of his life story: the loss of his brother:

Azu had to migrate from Lagos to London at the age of 10, after his brother was stabbed several times in a gruesome attack, ‘Lagos’ painfully captures Yeché’s fear of losing his brother, and the loneliness that came with suddenly being separated from his family at just 10 years old, never to return to live with his parents after that.

This song sounds more than a poignant poem, this songs actually reflects short life’s episode, and

What Azu, reveals confirms this statement indeed. He says; ‘Lagos’ is directly “inspired by my mother’s parting words to me ‘I want my child to be better than what I’ve become’, and those are profound words to me”.

Each lyrics flashes you back to every single moment from his brother gone, to his move from Nigeria to London.

Giving justice to the words of his mother, and giving tribute to his brother, Azu is heading toward something, hopefully more glorius.

12 months ago, already, the beginning of his new shine  has brightened his steps to success, with his debut EP, Fall,

With critical acclaim from the likes of BBC Radio 2BBC London and London Live.

This EP has the colors of Soul, Pop and World music and sounds somewhat more vivid:

Now, having supporting artists such as Gabrielle and Lemar on national tours, his performance qualities have made their proofs.

So shall you stay tuned to watch him playing at his own headline show in Birmingham on the 22nd June 2015!

Meanwhile you can still pre-order’s Azu Yeché’s album right here

Marcus Gon

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