Beverly Girl: Fine Finnish Configuration

From the gloom are glowing mind-blowing blue eyes

In the shades are shaping the figures of three dancing bodies

In the dark remains lurking one band proudly representing Finland, playing their role of “Dark Ambassador of Electronic Funk/Punk”.

This Finnish three-member band must be the finest when it comes to revive the vibe that used to provoke excitement in the 80’s;

Actually, the excitement is still alive.

Johanna Saarinen – vocals, percussion Tuomas Orasmaa – keyboards Artur U – guitar, drum & bass synth programming

Are the three dancing bodies that sparkle the highlight of the 80’s era: the crispy Punk flavor is omnipresent within the percussion and the crunchy guitar

They manage to produce a sound extremely rich, and maintain the groove in their Funk, which provides these bumping and

Bouncing vibes that make you want to hop your hips. The keyboard sets up one particular and synth-pop atmosphere too.

The whole package gets you this  dreamlike impression. Even the title of their debut album sounds kind of dreamlike:

Feather and Dust , released on May 22nd 2014.

This album has been a great success so fa and perfect introduction to their “sonic world”.

The band Beverly Girl is currently working on new material, which is to be released in the summer of 2015.

This band has made a promise to it’s listeners to “deliver even bigger music along with their trademark danceable beat.”

Besides, Highland, new single that you heard and watched, belongs to this upcoming projects.

Some more is coming for 2015:


Beverly Girl: Fine Finnish Configuration 1

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