Nat Nye: Poetic Genius

You’ve discovered him last year, meditating, or, contemplating in his own ‘Poetic Temple’.

He accepted to share some of his insight about the rough copy of the tough concept of his poetry contained in his tracks.

To give you a short description of the project: “Poetic Temple E.P is an introduction to a multi-dimensional concept based project

Created by Nat Nye that focuses on the craft of poetry, perfecting the art and utilising the power of spoken word poetry, music and performance to enlighten.”

To go even deeper in this Poetic Temple EP and even about the track titled ‘Courting The Physical Manifestation Of The Creather’,

Which is an actual celebration for women, considered body and soul. (Too bad it’s not included in the EP,)

Nat Nye, poetic genius, and responsible artist, accepted once again to share his points in the following interview.

If there’s one thing that did impact my mind for days, is that original meaning for Spoken Word, inspired by God’s Power of Creation within words.

His EP is somewhat very experimental, and you’ll need to rewind a few times to properly get the lines in mind!



MarCus – Sounds So Beautiful:
1) You’ve presented your first poem Poetic Temple under a brand new shape, with a brand new instrumentation. This atmosphere kind of cosmic, dark, and Egyptian sounding-like too, goes along the EP.
Can you talk about the choice of this instrumentation? It sounds way more experimental.

Nat Nye :
“BiG Up Marcus! Honoured to be on ‘Sounds So Beautiful’ once again.
First off, shout out to CloudFistConceptz – @jmcconceptz – who produced, mix and mastered the E.P.
CloudFistConceptz a.k.a Jonas McCloud is a top producer as well as lyricist as a result we find that our works do touch on very similar topics, so I knew he’d have instrumentals that would work with my poetry.

The instrumentation was intended to compliment the multi-layered thematic nature and mystic of the poetry.
So yes it conjures up an atmospheric, cosmic, spiritual vibe.
Not sure about the Egyptian per say but the idea of Temple – we can definitely connect to the Ancient Mystery Schools in the likes of Kemet

MarCus – Sounds So Beautiful:
2) Utilizing the power of spoken word poetry”. How would you define in one sentence that power of spoken word poetry?

Nat Nye
“Well I connect it to the conception of existence to relate it, biblically, the whole notion of the power of “And God said”…creation followed
Spoken Word has that power but of course on a much smaller scale, art shapes societies.”

MarCus – Sounds So Beautiful:
3)“Let me explain” “we are for a greater purpose”. What the main message do you want to explain through your lyrics and this instrumental atmosphere? What is that purpose you seem to ever dedicatedly look for?

Nat Nye
“As I said in the first track of the E.P called, “Not Waiting on my Purpose”“my purpose is to make a difference, flow brainwaves for you to surf on”
if art shapes society and in turn the world, my responsibility as an artist is a great one, one that I do not take likely and with it I intend to elevate and enlighten as many people as possible in a way that can positively advance the world.”

MarCus – Sounds So Beautiful:
4) From the hidden power of our mind, to the wonders of our soul, deep inside a weaker body, yet the temple of all this, could you talk about that concept of our potential to create?

Nat Nye
Our potential to create is I’d say limitless.
What humans have achieved in both modern and ancient times is incredible.
The unfortunate thing is though in today’s world their isn’t that desire for advancement and progression, money being the ultimate aim under this capitalist system hinders progress as it is money that comes first.

Researching into the mind-boggling achievements and knowledge of the likes of Ancient Egypt/Kemet or the Dogons indicates what we can do when we are focused on harnessing our power that is locked away.”

MarCus – Sounds So Beautiful:
5) Meditations sounds like important to you is that right?

Nat Nye
“I believe meditation should be important to everyone but to be honest something that I should do far more, I contemplate way more than meditate lol. At times just like the body, the mind requires detox.”

MarCus – Sounds So Beautiful:
6) Where did the inspiration for Courting The Physical Manifestation of the CreateHer came from?

Nat Nye
“Well an appreciation for women, women that I find attractive and how I see them, what makes them attractive and my interactions with them questioning times when I feel like I’m in control of the situation but am I?
I also address the patriarchal world that holds unfair expectations upon women.”

MarCus – Sounds So Beautiful:
7) This poem is kind of a praise to the woman’s body. Them sexual, sensual and suggestive metaphors sketch the picture of a heavenly body. Could you dig your point around all these metaphors?

Nat Nye
“It’s a celebration of the female form yes but the woman in her entirety,
that goes beyond her bodies sexual appeal but body that grow life is in my eyes a wonder to be appreciated.
The poem also delves into her mind, her spirit and the fact that confidence in who you are as an individual makes you ever more attractive.

MarCus – Sounds So Beautiful:
8) I see this poem is not part of your EP. Is it a bonus or for another project?

Nat Nye
“It’s a poem for another project. I have libraries worth of poems lol they all being concept based are inter-connected and this poem belongs to a project that addresses the relationships between the sexes, sexism, patriarchy infused with lines from my own personal experience as is constant with most of my poems.”

MarCus – Sounds So Beautiful:
9) Among all the study that it takes to get your poetry, what would you pinpoint or highlight? What concept or idea should we take the most into consideration to appreciate your message?

Nat Nye
“Aside from being the best you can be and live, take control of your life and live. I want people to do exactly that study and get what they can from it, there’s a wealth of knowledge in the poems.

MarCus – Sounds So Beautiful:
10) Now about your team, would you tell one word about CloudfistConceptz for the production and Akeisha Walters for the artwork?

Nat Nye
“Brilliant and superb.”



Marcus Gon

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