El Crisis: Words To Move Your (Subtle) Body & Soul

A mysterious universe, inspirational lyrics, voicing with different flows and deliveries powerful words well spoken

Outstanding presence on stage, going from traditional Spoken Poetry, to Rap, going on with Reggae,Sea  Shanty, Folk and even Blues,

El Crisis always makes an impacting impression.

The mystery of his music takes root to a combination of “lyrical dimensions” from the music genre just mentioned and from a somewhat spiritual energy.

He focuses indeed on the 7 Major Chakra, as the figure 7 is quite a recurrent reference in his work process.

His very first project, or rather first chapter of his project, is titled ‘The Content Pages’. As he says:

“The Contents Page is the foundation to 7 of my forthcoming projects. It consists of 7 lyrical styles, 7 lyrical expressions and 7 levels of consciousness. Each track represents one of the 7 Major chakra’s and is taken from its own forthcoming project.”

Besides, you may consider that the very first Major Chakra,(Muladhara), refers to the Root, and the philosophy that comes from this first chakra

Is actually a good one when you start off anything ambitious: “When you are trying to make things happen in the material world, business or material possessions, the energy to succeed will come from the first chakra.”

What is more, the African vibes in EL Crisis’ music takes you back to the original art of Storytelling, and to the actual meaning of the power of words and voice (through chant).

El Crisis’s project consists of 7 tracks (plus one bonus):

Egotists 04:24
Free man 05:20

Each one shall refer to one Chakra Point:

The Root (pubic zone)

The sexuality, self-esteem, emotions and creativity (sacral)

Place of Ego, psychic development, perception and vision (solar plexus)

Love and heart pain (heart)

Communication skills, speech and writing (throat)

Psychic energies of spirit and light, “higher self’ (third eye)

Crown, for enlightenment, spirituality, dynamic thought and energy (top of the skull)

Maybe the following track Free Man refers to this 7th Chakra:

Marcus Gon

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