Ootaran – Introduction To Ivorian Vibes


Through acoustic, alternative and all soulful vibes

A voice singing out loud is inviting you to ride and fly up in the sky:

Ootaran:if you ever wonder what could mean this name, you may find a clue in their philosophy:

“We are the sea and the sun 
We are the million stars above  
For it is true that we are born to shine  
We’ll draw the future of our kind” 

The last song from this Ivorian acoustic band is actually a Sam Smith’s cover, #StayWithMe.

From all the covers you may find of this best-known song, this must be the most original ever.

“Wô-Kw-Mwôe” on your lips will make you bounce your hips, hopping to the beats under your feet

Beaten by the fireballs of the percussons, overwhelming health as warm as the Abidjan’s earth.

Stay tuned to their other pieces of work:

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