Camille Bloom – Making An Album That Represents All Pieces Of You

Writing a few rhymes in memory of the ones

That used to Lift [You] Up when you once felt like falling down,

Reminiscing the very first day you did Hit The Road, to end up In Another Life,

Finding people Nice To Meet […], travelling far and wide, sometimes walking like a Zombie,

And wishing to Turn Back To [them].

This sounds like a story of Camille Bloom’s life, Seattle based singer-songwriter.

This past September 9th, she just released  her most ambitious and honest project, titled Pieces Of Me.


Pieces Of Me is that a collection of acoustic slow jam, little ballads, filled up with emotion, such as Lift Me Up, or Another Life,

Followed up by catchy tracks, potential hits, such as Hit The Road, a song that rises the flames of the passion, of the audacity and of the adventure,

With poetic and suggestive instrumentation with songs like Zombies. The trumpet, an instrument new for Bloom’s usual songwriting, gives this suggestive impression, and adds a nice color to the overall storytelling.

This album reflects this way perfectly the roller-coaster of an independent artist’s life, walking the world with the ambition to rock the whole world.

Indeed, being dynamic these past 9 years, multiplying national and international tours,

Going overseas, in Europe, and growing her fan base through shows in Denmark, Belgium, UK, Ireland and Iceland,

Camille Bloom must have hit the road and crossed over ten thousand miles:

After such a long walk, she finally arrives to the point where she can solely produce her own project, with the hand of her fast-growing fan base,

As she managed to collect over 26k dollars to finance it.

When you listen to her voice, you understand why so much people put trust in her project,

Her voice and talent speak more than any written or spoken word:







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