Titus Makin – Building Your Career, As A Singer And An Actor

Two passions for foundation, 

Building a place to call home

Brick by brick, blow by blow, 

Shaping a space to feel all fulfilled.

After a first EP, this young actor seen on Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy and Fox’s hit show Glee, comes back with a brand new single, Ropes, with visual directed by The Reininga Brothers.

Mainstream pop, his soul undertones make his distinctiveness. This new single provides joyful vibes and emotions of delight, even though lyrics are not as cheerful as it may sound like.

Indeed, Ropes is about the constant war we have with ourselves every single day!

When we want to do good but evil is always present with us. The inward battle of trying to rid yourself of old harmful habits and cling to the healthy. Keeping your connection to God & not turning away trying to fulfill your own selfish desires”.

This is a constant message in his music, through titles like Love Addict (his debut EP, which pictures his fall in a background as red as hell) ; Titus Makin always associates something beautiful with something painful.
After Love Addict, brace yourself for his second EP,  Lean in the making still.

On the acting side, Titus is currently playing character, Caleb Matthews, a musician, on Hulu’s The Path. 
This series deals with spirituality, religion, vices and inward battles and so fits pretty well Titus, who’s an artist concerned about faith and spirituality too.
Titus Makin is building his personal brand and his career as an independent artist in these two areas.

Marcus Gon

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