J WARNER : As Mahalia’s Supporting Artist, He’s Definitely Worth The Listen!

J Warner’s voice warmer than the beam of light in the morning
J Warner’s voice cooler than the breeze of night  in the evening
J Warner’s voice rises and amazes, never warns and always surprises.

He is the great discovery of the night. People in France may never have heard of him before, but he’s been in the industry for quite some time (since 2010 at least).

Quite like Mahalia, the boy has started very young in the music industry, aware of his great vocal talent. A talent he took time to master and mature. Now you can say that the man got skill and can definitely sing, hitting the high notes like it’s nothing.

As he sings, we can picture lights and shadows, highlights and sorrows. His voice paints so many colors and shades, this is beautiful.

On Wednesday, December 11th, J Warner revealed himself at the Ninkasi Kao (Lyon, France), in all intimacy, to a public particularly warm, careful and receptive to his music.

Blessed with stunning vocal skills, he performed a rendition of Daniel Caesar & H.E.R.’s Best Part in such a personal way, it’d give you goosebumps.

J Warner was definitely the best choice as an opening act before Mahalia’s show. Besides, both of them have been friends for a few years, so his presence was even more meaningful. Their friendship led them to write together one of the songs that’s on LOVE AND COMPROMISE album, titled Consistency.

His voice sounds flawless enough to offer you a nine-minute medley that brings endless delight. His style recalls the likes of PJ Morton and BJ The Chicago Kid.

Lately, he’s released his debut single, titled Stay For A While. This is a must-listen.

Photographs by Anne-Sophie Photographe d’Histoires Uniques


J Warner Live


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