Datta Boy – “This Is Not Mumble Rap”

This is the discovery of an experimented emcee

True rap culture at its best

Hip Hop is safe. 

Datta Boy has been rapping since he was 11 years old. He went by different rap names in his time in high school. Shadoe, Tony McCallister, and A.D.U.M.

He put his rap career on hold to pursue a career in football at the Southern Utah University. After graduation and playing one year pro, he came back to music as Datta Boy.

His flow and creativity recalls the likes of Big Boi, Ludacris indeed, and even Big Sean with a bit of Kendrick Lamar influence.

His way to introduce himself is “This Is Not Mumble”. This way, he’ll catch your attention first, then he’ll have you dive into his world.

Caught up in his storytelling skills, that boy raps very well articulated words, and fluently speaks with a frenetic delivery.

His raps can be meaningful and denounce social issues such as drug abuse (Fell So Far).

Collaborating with singer Ronny Bueller, who’s also his producer, for Wave On My Own, brings more melodies and musicality, and that’s what the hooks used to lack sometimes. So this is now ‘even better than the last time’.

Marcus Gon

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