AMARA – The Art Of Making Music With Sincerity

[‘I can’t see ’em comin down my eyes. So I gotta make the song cry’ – JAY Z]

Next to the window seat, eyes keep on travelling on this never-ending landscape;

Birds saw the sky, flying at a peaceful pace to new places,

While you’re still there, feeling misplaced, far away from your love ones, away from home, away from Mum.

Then a caring voice resonates in your mind, and this voice sings ‘you are the Only One

And this voice reassures you, and this voice gives you chill then  warms you up again with love and happiness.

The kind of memory you cherish,

The kind of moment that honest singers like AMARA helps you remember.

Tears dripping, AMARA, Los Angeles-based chanteuse formerly known as Viola Ellis,

Drops her cover of Kanye West and Paul McCartney’s tender tribute to Kanye’s daughter, “Only One”, and to his late mother, 

With lyrics taking the words of a mother, loving and blessing her only child.

“[The] song had me in tears the moment I heard it,” AMARA explained.

“My mum and I had a pretty turbulent relationship during my later teen years so the idea of her singing this to me or me singing this to my daughter one day…it was powerful.

So powerful that the recording session for this was very emotional for me and very cathartic.”

The perfection of her rendition lies in the sincerity of her voice.

Even though she chooses to introduce herself to the world with a cover

She made the song completely hers, she felt every single word:

The song, she owns it; the acknowledgement, she earns  it – she’s the Only One.

It was also audacious not to show her face in her first video,however, the visual is imaginative enough to substitute her face.


Suggestive, poetic, and dreamy, it translates AMARA’s state of mind, it takes you to an outstanding and memorable experience – Elijah Alvarado and Yakub Films did a great job directing this visual.

AMARA guides you by the hand, and you slowly follow the flow.

AMARA - The Art Of Making Music With Sincerity 1

Over the next 6 months, AMARA will release her debut album ‘Porcelain‘ as a trio of EPs —Kaolin, Fluxes, and Vitrify:

Elusive and mysterious yet transparent, fragile and vulnerable yet resolute,

These are the adjectives to define her artistry.

The first EP Kaolin, is slated for release at the end of July.

Vulnerable and transparent, she makes music with a moving sincerity, and it makes you feel something(powerful).


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