Pembroke – When Poets From Ireland Sing At Sea


Ellen Quinn Banville and Finola Cahill 

They met on a rainy Dublin evening, on Upper Pembroke street

Then met again, in Paris streets, fated to get along to write a couple of songs.

From a couple of songs, they went to a whole collection: this is how their collaboration took birth;

In 2015, the duo Pembroke, in memory of their meeting place, was born.

If they used to sing in the Dublin rain, they now gather in this Paris summer

To proudly present their debut album, At Sea, a project as colorful as a rainbow, coming out on August 13th.

Indeed, from blues to soul, to lyrical folk, they propose a sound consisting of various and rich influences.

One thing that strikes you the most is the omnipresent poetry, in the songwriting,

And the video for Shut The Door, first single, directed and shot by Sean Regan and Luke Duggan, choreographed and danced/hooped by Laura Ivers, and filmed in FringLab, Dublin.


These delighting hints of poetry are actually natural when you know Songwriter and guitarist Finola Cahill has had her poetry published in The Irish Times, The Bell Magazine and the Paris Lit Up annual literary review.

This, coupled with the light vocals from Ellen Quinn Banville, gives you a soothing song to play on and on.

At Sea, according to Finloa, is an independently-produced debut album, in a forest,

And is a passion project of Steven Forward, a Paris-based producer who has previously made albums for Paul McCartney and Ray Charles.

You can still help them fund their album here

“Our songs are built upon a folk foundation of guitarist/song-writer Finola Cahill’s evocative lyrics and acoustic guitar lines but filled out with big band horns and percussion, country strings and the soaring range and raw vulnerability of singer Ellen Quinn Banville’s vocals.”

Therefore, we’re expecting big things coming from this little duo; they say ‘big things come in small package’.

Plus, given the title of the album, we expect to dive in the deep oceans as blue and dark as the writer’s thoughts when she penned her pains, all at sea…


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