Alicia Keys: Let Me In – Humanity Matters

Humanity matters, and as today is World Refugee Day

This should remind us that we all have something In Common: we’re all Human.

All living on the same earth, all nourishing dreams, all taking care of our loving friends and family,

All growing up in a society that is actually bigger than us all, in a world spinning as fast as time;

If time waits for no man, you’re never sure of your future and of what’s awaiting ahead.

Alicia Keys and We Are Here are making sure you remember this through this one-of-a-kind stunning experience: Let Me In.

While she sings Hallelujah,  you may picture the Hebrew people fleeing from Egypt and oppression in the desert, searching for the Promised Land.

After this first impression, you realize this short film actually makes you picture something more tragic and close to our contemporary reality:

We’re diving into the living hell of 60 million of refugees displaced from their place they used to call home (and they still call it home, even far away).

60 million refugees, this is the equivalent of more than 90% of the French population!

If you don’t realize it yet, Alicia did and here’s what she says:

Today, June 20th, is World Refugee Day. 

I’m not an expert on the refugee crisis, but I am just like you – a human, a woman, a mother, a daughter, and a friend. When I learned that there are more refugees living in the world today than at any other point in history, and half of them are children, it totally took my breath away! It left me to wonder what if this was me? My sons? My family? My life?

I want you to imagine if you were a refugee, if you were the one torn from the arms of your families and loved ones….one of 60 million people displaced with nowhere to call home. What would you do? How would you feel?

These are the questions my new film, Let Me In, seeks to answer. We’ve partnered with Care, Oxfam, and War Child, on a campaign to raise awareness and reinvigorate the conversation around the global refugee crisis. 

The film is set to my new song “Hallelujah,” and reimagines the refugee crisis on America’s shores, displacing thousands in the Los Angeles area who must seek safety by crossing the border into Mexico.

Sadly, some seek to fan the flames of division and turn us against our fellow neighbors, but We Are Here to make the case for love and compassion.

Please take a few minutes to watch the film and think about what millions of families are going through around the world. These are people just like us, with families and careers and dreams. Let’s tell them we’re standing with them.

With Love Only and Always,
– Alicia 

PS: If you’re moved by the message and the music, please forward this email to your friends and family.

Some might have criticized Alicia’s No Make Up Movement, ignoring the deeper concept behind it,

But she’s been highlighting Consciousness, Individuality and Humanity, as vulnerable and beautifully imperfect as can be.

This movement is kind of a metaphor to strip out the layers, put out the mask, a break free of the factory of models society expects you to be,

And a break free of the dictatorsho of the so-called perfection.

This concept leads you to self introspection, to have a deeper look in your mirror 

(And watching Alicia Keys being on therapy and discussing what’s perfect and imperfect, and confessing her wrongs on her Snapchat is quite inspiring, and lovable and authentic at the same time).

On a first level, songs like In Common and Hallelujah are lyrics from a humble person, who recognize how messed up she is, but craves for Love, Freedom and Redemption.

On a second level, In Common in particular will consider the Gay community, invoking love and respect as Human Being, just like everybody else, regardless of their lifestyle, values which are different from one place to another, religion, etc.

Talking about religion and Humanity, Alicia Keys takes this universal chant, Hallelujah

A chant that speaks to everybody,

A chant for Freedom,

A chant when you’ve got nothing left but Faith

A chant to sing out loud when your Life is saved and when an overwhelming Fear finally end.

On a third level, Let Me In (from Hallelujah) is an open letter to governments.

This sounds like a protest song (for the strong ones still standing up and  who say ‘We Are Here’) and a begging song (for the weak ones chasing after their last Hope)

Praying governments to consider Life, to consider Human, to consider Love

It might seem naive and simple, but this is deep down what everyone wishes when tragic happens.


Marcus Gon

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