AJIA – All So Poetic, Neo Soul Music Never Been This Soothing

Previously discovered on Sounds So  Beautiful for her Visions EP, London based singer-songwriter Ajia keeps making move to shine brighter. She opens up 2019 with the release of a brand new track, titled Sentimental Easing.

Neo Soul type of vibe blended with a nostalgic jazz sound, adds a romantic flavor. Bringing old skool RnB into a wider mainstream audience.

The sampled words “for sentimental easing”, give such a poetic touch, spoken over the mellowest chords ever played on the piano keys.

Upon the smoothest production ever, she’s letting emotions flow, she’s singing freely, she’s feeling herself, and listeners can appreciate how fly she sounds.

The track sees Ajia team up once again with rising hot producer Mr Ryan Price. Together they have delivered a piece of magic.

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