The Hot Jam Club by Sounds So Beautiful – And The Journey Goes On

Photographs by ASB Photography.

-Discovery of the talented young guitarist Kevyn Klyn.

– Jam session with a quartet of jazz men: Josselin Perrier (drums), Thomas Ibanez (saxophone), Camille Thouvenot (piano) and Julien Sermet (guitar) will electrify your evening and rhythm on the vibes of their Drums, Organ, Guitar and Saxophone (more info and surprises to come).

– Mixing with colors of soul jam, DJ Klement Vanukki & his friend shall come wrap this all up.
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As warm as the Jazz Cafes and comfortable as the lounge bar, the Master’s Club opens its doors for a second edition of the Hot Club Jam, presented by Sounds so Beautiful.

Relax and be surprised later in the day to discover good musicians: this is the motto.

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Hot Jam Club, the perfect invitation to relaxation music is the most enjoyable experience that will give you to enjoy!

In a similar heat than American or London shows, a whole series of artists entertain you with their talents and their music.
The Hot Club Jam therefore offers a good time in the spirit of the music blog Sounds So Beautiful, by discovering musicians ranging from hip hop to jazz, blues and soul music.

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