KAALM – A Psychedelic And Ethereal Neo Soul Experience


Everything is everything… just like Time.

Runnin after time, in a same space, at a different pace,

Our time keeps on runnin’ away, never does it await.

And here we are, beggin’ again for the seasons to come back, for we still need’ em to stay,

Just as usual… nothing really changes, after all.

KAALM, is that Swedish four piece band, previously discovered on Sounds So Beautiful, thanks to Scandinavian Soul, with their debut single titled TIME.

Now they’re back, with their debut EP, titled EVERYTHING, released this October 27th.

The band was introduced as music for contemplation, with a lead singer that recalls the likes of Esperanza Spalding with a Swedish accent, and a band as mellow as Moonchild’s sound. 

If not only contemplative about time and space, the songwriting is at least essentially introspective, with an use of first person narrative throughout the whole album.

Raw emotions (Need You To Stay), blends of jazz, rock and electro for fusion music (Runnin‘), and typical Neo Soul beats along soft and soothing chords… KAALM offers a one-of-a-kind psychedelic and ethereal experience. 

These 4 musicians have captured their own musical signature. The beginning of their debut EP gets you right back to the release of their debut single, one year ago.

However, even though you can identify and recognize the shine of their talent, their musical genius never stops suprising you.

Runnin, for instance, is the track ovni in the EP, nothing what you’re used to listen to along their taste for Neo Soul groove.

Talking about groove, they surprise you again with one the core track, Nothing Changes, probably their best work in terms of rhythmics, and progression.


Marcus Gon

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