Snowk feat J.Lamotta’s «Under the moon» Takes Us to the Stars

« And if I could I’d get you the moon, I give it to you », excerpt from Get You the moon by Kina, is the first thing that came to our mind when to introduce this upcoming new combo and their new single.  

We’re talking about DJ’s and production duo Snowk, who released their new single Under the moon feat J. Lamotta Suzume on November the 11th.

It’s a part of their new project, Powder, a brand new album set to be out on January the 22nd. They are under the famous label Kitsune, and are considered are label’s protégés.

Snowk has been in the business since 2019, and even if they are babies in this industry, they are not the ones you want to mess with; the duo is to be taken very seriously. Prolific, they made great collaborations for the record, such as This is good ft Miraa May, selected in Kitsune’s Musique Best tracks 2019. They’ve also worked with French producer Nude and Malaysian singer Froya fot their single Not Yours, which is featured in the Spotify New Music Friday playlist’s in more than 16 countries. Their music now gathers over 2 millions streams.

Snowk is composed of Japanese musicians Yutaka Takanami aka Namy, and Fuminori Kagajo. Their duet name is a tribute to their home country, also nicknamed « snow country ».

They have that R&B, jazzy and house music sound we absolutely adore. Combined with J.Lamotta‘s astonishing vocals, their collaboration is a massive hit.

As far as J.Lamotta is concerned, she was born in Tel-Aviv and is now based in Berlin. She won quick media recognition with features in Earmilk and KALTBLUT, amongst others.

Under the moon catches a sens this fragility but power at the same time and also unique beauty we like. J.Lamotta brings her R&B and sexy side to the table. The whole combination is a mix between retro style meeting modern production and the result is really impressive, especially when we know Snowk and Lamotta never met but did all the work long distance with a mutual trust and freedom.

« How did you say it ain’t real, I do my thing », « We might won’t get to understand it and I hope I’m wrong, I’ve tried my best and even prayed under the moon », « Let’s do it after all », « Take as much time that you need, I’ll be there love always » … The meaning in their love story, one of the two involved has a hard time trusting the other and don’t believe he or she really loves him or her. One is working really hard to make that relationship works and assures the other half (s)he will always be there so (s)he can take all the time (s)he wants to believe their love is real.

This is healthy and mature, like J.Lamotta’s voice and we wish to know this in our life one day, don’t you?  

Camille Laval

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