Sebastian Blake: “Acoustical Injection of Rhythm”

Singer and songwriter as humble as talented and energetic, Sebastian Blake, from Brighton, is shaking London up

Breathing his Funk, his Soul and his Rocking spirit into any venues he performs at,

Such as the Floripa London,  common place to the greatest emerging artists blazing and jazzing London,

Or the Olympic and Paralympics Games, back in 2012.

Like in the first video, he used to delight people in buses , beaches and local bars,

Until bigger opportunities eventually showed up.

With a light and sweet voice singing and swinging upon an electric rhythm,

His expressive music is tainted quite tinted of the groovy colors of Michael Jackson’s style

Influencing his seductive songwriting, as well as the likes of Usher, James Brown, or Steevie Wonder.

He’s now carrying on his way, as an independent artist, to achieve his new EP (SP) produced by himself.

Love, Funk, Dance, Soul and Life Experiences seem to be the key points of his inspiration.

As he says in a post from his blog:

“i’m Back in bed from the third day in the studio, i shared in my last post how i wanted to produce my SP (EP) by my myself. so far i can say this has been the most awesome experience, i should have done this earlier. we had youness and Andreas come come and put their touch on keys and percussion. i feel like alot of the songs are complete on friday i’ll finally get a chance to start on the vocals. george the engineer has been making me laugh sooo much that i’ve been rolling on the floor and there have been some magic moments where ramiro ( guitarist, co-writer) or andreas will play something that will make just lose myFucking  funking Mind. it’s been sooo great to lose myself to music and i’m soooo fucking glad i’m producing this SP myself. were taking a break to rest and re-think some ideas but soooo far i think i got the lead single/video down now.  sebby x

His last video was taken from thiis upcoming SP, which is titled ‘Lotus’,

A new springtime may blossom from this emerging artist’s music and dedicated work, taking roots from the freshest inspirational Soul, Funk and RnB artists

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