Louise Golbey – Soulful Sounds, Mellow Vibes, Real Music

Gracefully she smoothly dances along the melodies she creates 

One day in the mood to move upon hip hop beats, another the day in the mood for latin rhythms

Today, she’s rather in the mood for some soothing oriental groove

Louise Golbey never looked so cool, passionate as always to cook you some music that makes you feel real good.

As she’s been one of the first artists ever discover on Sounds So Beautiful, it’s only right that we end the year with her, and what she has to offer.

Louise Golbey is back, after the release of her independently released album, Novel,

With a brand new track, titled Please Don’t, a tune warmer than the current winter weather, as it suggests a trip to meridional lands, and eastern landscapes.

Oriental rhythms and dances in red clothes, color for the warmth and the passion,

With melodies as melancholic as the lyrics, combined with a down-tempo beat, yet catchy, resulting in a mellow songwriting, mesmerizing moment.

“I love dancing so I use my videos as an excuse to get my dancing shoes back on whenever I can!” Louise admitted in a previous interview on Sounds So Beautiful

Dancing is one of Louise Golbey’s signature, as well as her soft character, as sweet as can be.

Plus she knows how to give rendition to her emotions, either in her voice, or in her footwork.

Known for having performed in the most prestigious places such as Boisdale in Canary Wharf Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Brighton Centre, Indig02 (in London’s 02 Arena),…

Next year, she’ll be playing live at The Servant Jazz Quarters, at Dalston 19 January 2017,
Then again on February 28th, for her EP launch at Pizza Express Jazz Club, at Soho
Enjoy her Neo-Soul vibes, one-of-a-kind experience:




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