Brontë Horder – Being Mentally Prepared To Write A Song

Some people sing about their dreams, so they can forget the nightmares that made them weep and lose sleep,

Some people write about their ups and downs, the roller-coaster of life, when they’r feeling down or high on life,

Some people get inspired by the living of a closed one, their bad habits or their merit,

Some people aren’t too shy to speak their mind about their environment

Some people will just express loud their feelings, raw, heartfelt, using music as a therapy for pain, a healing for depressed minds.

Whoever you’d be, before writing any song, you must be mentally prepared someway or another.

As far as Brontë Horder is concerned, the way she prepared to write her pieces is quite touching and moving.

Indeed, she released the video for her single The Eleventh Hour.

Ever since the first note of the piano, we can notice how heavy she feels, the keys drop like falling down all of a sudden, just like fallen and broken promises.

Her heartfelt tone in her voice is all sad, even her face in the video seems to bear desperate eyes.

With that being said, she brings out a fresh and soothing Pop similar to Sara Bareilles, over a brilliant production with these breaks and rhythmic ruptures.

We started low, we end up high (on life), mind made up.

This is song about awaiting, hopelessness, all kind of depressed feelings, then making up your mind.

Her mixed feelings at the beginning are explained by life changing events:

Stopping her studies in Australia in Media & Communication, planning to go to France, cancelling to stay in Australia because she won a competition run by Sony Music and The Hard Rock Café (Breaking Ground), all in one year, back in 2014.

So she spent time preparing an EP, sometimes crying at her piano, following up her debut EP titled That Used To Be Us.

Now Brontë Horder, singer/songwriter from Sydney, has moved to LA to work with producer Mikal Blue

And signed a publishing deal with Opus 1 Music – the world’s fastest growing independent production music library and licensing company.

At 24, she has racked up many gigs and residencies at bars and restaurants in Sydney, including The Seymour Centre, Manning Bar and The Hard Rock Café.

Plus she has busked in New York subways and jammed at The Bitter End.

The Internet knows her most for her surprising Pop covers, where she shows how a great musician she can be.

Marcus Gon

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