Qveen Herby: top 5 punchlines to feel like a bad bitch in ‘MAD QVEEN’

Qveen Herby (born Amy Heidemann) is an independent artist. She left her conservative Nebraska household after high school to go to Boston and study at the Berklee College of Music. The turning point of her life was the day she consulted an astrologist. She says he changed her life for the greater good, and since then, she has completely revised the way she does her job.

A soundtrack to being an independent queen

When she’s writing songs, she states she’s not herself. That’s her higher self who’s taking control. This alter-ego doesn’t lack self-confidence and panache to accomplish what it wants. That’s the power she wants to transfer through her songs.

She’s over 35 years old, and she thinks she may never have a child. However, she doesn’t think it’s a foregone conclusion. This is the case for many other women. This is ok, and she proves why: not having children isn’t a fatality, but it can be a way to gain freedom and money. There’s nothing shameful about being the cool aunt living her best life and spoiling her loved ones any chance she gets.

Qveen Herby’s universe is all about that freedom feeling: doing what you want, the way you want it. That’s why many of her songs sound like bad bitch anthems. They’re fun mood boosters and perfect soundtracks to live your life as you plan it, by putting yourself first.

Like Lizzo would say, it’s bad bitch o’clock. We’re here to talk to you about the new project of Qveen Herby. The American rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur released ‘MAD QVEEN’ earlier this year on April 1st. 

She’s known for her speed rap and funky R&B. These are (according to us) the top 5 punchlines of her new EP.

1. ‘Life can be sweet (Life can be sweet, life can be sweet)
As soon as you believe you’re enough’
(‘Mad Qveen Mantra’)

Self-depreciation comes faster than self-appreciation, doesn’t it? However, this EP is presented as an instruction to become a “mad queen”. The emphasis and harmony around this punchline give it all its strength. Qveen Herby even plays the mentor role later in the song by sharing precious pieces of advice: “Stay present, focused, breathe”. 

She took the time throughout her career to take stock and refocus her business. Things turned out pretty good for her: she managed to build this character which made her gain confidence and move on in life. This first punchline is an invite to do the same by mimicry. Fake it ‘till you make it, as they say.

2. ‘Seriously, like, have you seen my silhouette? (Sheesh!)
It’s giving main character energy’
(‘Rabbit Hole’)

This punchline gets a smile on your face, and it sure resonates with many people because the ‘main character’ expression is something spreading on the internet. Many playlists on YouTube or Spotify give you that ‘main character’ feeling. Who wouldn’t want to be?! These playlists include happy and empowering songs. They’re perfect to start your day on the right path or boost your confidence when you have something important to do. 

Qveen Herby and her punchlines blew up on TikTok. This one is also a way for her to connect with her community and attract new listeners by using the language seen online. In an interview she gave to Her First 100K, Qveen Herby said she wanted women to find and appreciate themselves while listening to her music. Let’s say ‘Rabbit Hole’ is a terrific confidence boost when you’re getting ready to go out. The choppy diction adds a humorous and conquering touch you need to go on with your day.

3. ‘If I had a dick, I would definitely fuck myself
I don’t need a dick and I definitely don’t need your help’
(‘F Myself’)

This is what Qveen Herby does best: making you say “What the — What am I listening to?“ and then burst out laughing because that’s quite an original way to say to someone “Mind your own business”. ’F Myself’ is supposedly about a hater and the way Qveen Herby handled their comment.

It’s a crude and unexpected answer, but that’s what we should do: not worry about what others think of us, and always praise ourselves for who we are, no matter what. Then again, she’s referring to the internet community and its jokes with the ‘Try to get a grip, go outside, baby, touch some grass’ line.

That specific punchline is used for humorous Tiktoks or Instagram reels. Of course, Qveen Herby did some herself.

4. ‘I pledge allegiance to the baddest bitch I’ve ever known’
(‘I Hate U’)

That applies to any listener, and that’s how listening to Qveen Herby might give you comfort or make you smile when you need it. Of course, she’s talking about you! This is a perfect example of solidarity and sisterhood. It’s important to remember how unique and special each of us is.

If you don’t have anyone to remind you that, turn on this song. We recommend you to listen to it when you go out as well. You need to listen to ‘Rabbit hole’ as well. That’s a great combo to feel good in your skin like nothing and no one could ruin your mood. 

5. ‘What makes me weird makes me magic’

Once again, this punchline is an ode to self-love. There’s no other human being quite like us, and that’s what Qveen Herby wants us to remember. There will always gonna be people who don’t get you because of your looks, your personality, or even the way you walk. Who cares? Life’s too precious to get self-conscious about those types of things. Instead, celebrate your identity and love who you are!

Qveen Herby Mélanie Domergue

You can’t have class without sass

Sure, the sonorities of ‘Mad Qveen Mantra’ get Amy Winehouse’s vibes, and some of Qvenn Herby’s lines remind us of Doja Cat’s sassiness. However, don’t you dare compare her to others artists. She’s warning you: ‘I don’t copy bitches (No), I make what’s next’ (‘Ummm’).

Qveen Herby isn’t new to the music industry. “MAD QVEEN” is her 9th EP. She first went viral back in 2011, when her duo Karmin covered the track “Look At Me Now” by Chris Brown (ft. Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes). 

Mélanie Domergue

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