Ilana Armida – The True Color Of An Artist

Bubbles, petals of flowers, fluorescent balloons and playful mood

Bright as the light, blessed is the child, fly as a butterfly, 

As long as last her colorful dreams and life in technicolor, 

The grown woman can stay true to the little girl she used to be.

This grown woman is Ilana Armida, from Bradenton, Florida.

She grew up with the will to be an entertainer and performer, so she ran a path that led her to be who the professional singer she is today.

Indeed, from the Florida Atlantic University’s Commercial Music Business program,

She got involved in the student run record label Hoot/Wisdom Recordings which helped her master her skills and own her craft.

Her music consists now in a blend of Pop with subtle disco/funk flavors, and a fresh wave of R&B.

The production combined with the very light and soulful vocals recall the Janet Jackson‘s sounds and vibes, modernized with beats and production by Kaytranada.

Pop/RnB, New RnB, or Soulful RnB, funky flavor and hip-hop beats, Gospel hints in the keys, or organ, Ilana Armida’s would can’t be painted with one color or shade only.

That’s why her new project is called Iridescent Flower Child.

“The word Iridescent signifies when something appears to change color when looked at from different angles.

This concept alludes to my multiple dimensions and ideas that I communicate through the EP. 

Flower represents growth both as an artists but also as a person and a woman coming into my own.

Child us used to symbolize two things; one is keeping things playful and not taking everything so seriously but also remembering my big dream that I had as a little girl and staying true to who I am.” – Ilana Armida

Released this summer, Pretend is co-written with alumni of her school, Lee Ackred, Mylon Shamble, John Frasca.

This is the first hit from llana Armida off of her upcoming EP, titled Iridescent Flower Child, out January 13, 2017.

Recorded in Bradenton, FL at the EastPark Entertainment Studio where Armida worked with producer Josh Holiday and mixing engineer Scott Orsini “Artichoke.”

Sweet tastes for catchy rhythms yet all stripped down, to keep it light and deightful, along with addictive and mellow melodies,  the EP is highly anticipated with tracks like Sweet Freedom:

Marcus Gon

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