CROWN – Discovering Creative Partner To Grammy-Winning Lalah Hathaway

These little vibrations, delightful sounds, 

It gets to your ear, then to your brain

And as plays the tune on and on and rewind

In the mind, the vibe is recording, and then you understand:

The musical composition has been affecting all your physical,

Therapeutic vibes, inspiration for picturesque dreams, with purple and blue for main colors,

Questions for the subconscious along an ongoing mesmerizing and numbing groove,

Until the awakening stimulated by the percussion and a crescendo in slow-motion.

If there were only one way to describe the sounds created by the New York based artist, songwriter who goes by the name of CROWN (sheiscrown).her music, produced by Jesse Fisher, wouldn’t be as complex and interesting to dig.


With that being said, two words can sum up CROWN’s identity: honesty and truth.

Blue being the color for Truth, we can understand her obsession for its different shades.

As the new edition of the Grammy Awards is coming soon, it is good to remember the prior winners and their collaborators.

And CROWN, is one to count, as she is a creative partner to Grammy-winning Lalah Hathaway.

Through her music, she seeks the truth, and puts a WHY on social conditioning that determines love, life and society, challenging taboos and sharing feminist thoughts too.

Still a mystery, her name CROWN, must be a conceptual result to all these aspects.

Her questioning artistry penetrates your mind and subconscious, her music and production could become a neuroscience experience.

This is haunting, this is a special experiment, as rich as a heavy crown on the head.

This month she performed live at the Rockwood Music Hall as surprise guest and it’s been one of a kind.




Marcus Gon

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