Gillian Heidi’s New Single «Moonlight», Is A Loving Dream

« Cause I never knew, I never knew, you could hold moonlight in your hands », Ariana Grande sang in her song Moonlight.

We’re going to review Moonlight, but not this one, the Gillian Heidi’s cute but serious new single, out on November the 27th.

Gillian Heidi is only 16, she’s a Boston native and she already has a serious place in the music industry. Indeed, in 2020, she gained 500K streams over her 6 singles. What a breaktrough !

And when you could think she is too young and not mature enough to build a career so soon, that’s when she proves the exact opposite. She is musically wise, powerful and has reflective lyrics as we’re going to witness it in this review.

She possesses rich vocals, clever pop melodies and just like her, her songs are relatable, but never predictable. She is sharing the tales of her life’s ups and downs, trials and tribulations with thoughfulness, clarity, poetic eloquence and a stirring soulful voice.

The press loves her, such as we do at Sounds so Beautiful. And to make your day even better, not only she is a delight to our ears with her brand new single Moonlight, but she is set to release her debut album 3AM in early 2021. Wonderful isn’t it?

Now that we told you a little bit more about Gillian Heidi, let’s focus on Moonlight, which is for us, her most vulnerable and powerful song.  

The visual aesthetic of the single reminds us of old pop but also alternative poster and music videos, like Queen’s.

There is an acoustic sound, with the use of a guitare as the instrumental and her mystical and hypnotizing voice is making us think of the one of Silver Sphere.

Moonlight in itself is about a relationship that feels different to her because it’s an healthy one, on the opposite of the one she is describing in Fray, our latest review about her.

« I always assume that words can’t cut this time », « when you’re scared you try to act like you’re all tough », meaning he knows how to talk to her, softly and gently. « I’m kind of scared but I kinda like it », she is perfectly summinp up how falling in love make you feel. On one side it’s terryfing because we don’t know what we’re running into, but on the other side, it’s so pleasant and beautiful. We’re guessing it’s what Gillian is experiencing in Moonlight.

« Make you wanna stay, make you wanna believe it », she finds hard to believe she is with someone who treats her right, so she wants to convince herself and her other half to trust their story, because after all, he’ll « turn pain into beauty » and his « eyes light up the night ». He makes everything brighter, plus gives comfort: « love to fix me ». He helps her a lot healing from her past. Don’t you dream about their relationship like we do?

« I ran into something real », « you took darkness and turn it into the moonlight ». She feels safe with him and she is picturing a romantic image here.

This is very sweet and we’re so excited about her album 3AM. According to Moonlight and the singles she released this year, her album will be an introspection about different types of relationships, a lot of self questioning about how it can change and impact you.

Her music style, writing, singular voice and pop rock alternative sound makes us think about lovelytheband’s first album, finding it hard to smile. It’s the kind of album you listen to when you can’t sleep at night, because it makes you feel relax, reflect about life, peaceful, happy, even if the lyrics are not always so.

We wish Gillian Heidi the same success they have, because writing and releasing music like this at only 16 left no doubts about a very promising career.

Gillian Heidi’s New Single «Moonlight», Is A Loving Dream 1

Camille Laval

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