Dasha celebrates self-love and Girl Power with “Better Than She Did”

Are you bored all alone and you wanted some more chemistry?
Is it something you’re getting from her that you didn’t from me?

Ah, young love can be cruel. The California-based-singer-songwriter Dasha experienced it and put it in a song. “Better Than She Did” was released on Friday, November 21st.

Her new album is on the edge of release. Just like her brother Bardo, Dasha first attended songwriting camps, while she was taking voice lessons. In 2018, she entered Belmont University for its noted music program. There, she met the singer/songwriter Zyyn. Then, they released “Heart on Hold”. This romantic duet has been performed in Nashville and LA venues.

Dasha also had the chance of a lifetime: she was selected by SONY in a song and artist competition in Nashville. That’s how she signed a single deal with SONY Germany/ FAMOUZ Records and started with “Don’t Mean A Thing”.

Today, “Better Than She Did” is an R&B pop track. This song is about how you feel when an ex moves on with someone else. Dasha lets out her grief and her disappointment at being replaced. Scenes from the past are superimposed on those from the future – she won’t be a part of it.

The guitar brings a laid-back rhythm to the song; a clear contrast with the sharp lyrics. Expressing herself helps her realize she has to move on too: “I’m so over this”.

Before “Better Than She Did”, Dasha released the polished-pop hit “None Of My Business”. A powerful anti-cheating anthem. With such songs, Dasha makes clear she doesn’t want her happiness to be defined by men who don’t deserve her. She chooses herself to overcome a broken heart: that’s why her work is defined by “Girl Power”.

“Girl Power” became a rallying cry. There’s a ton of playlists named “Girl Power” and regrouping fierce female singers claiming empowerment, self-confidence, hard work, and ambition.

This term is born out of the riot grrrl scene of the early 1990s. This musical movement was all about feminism, punk rock, and alternative rock. The American singer Kathleen Hanna was a big part of it, with her band Bikini Kill.

Back then, women turned that into an anarchist slogan. They knew they couldn’t have power the way men did, but they felt stronger by defying conventions and claiming their right to autonomy.

“Girl Power” got popular when pop stars appropriated this term. In the early 2000s, “Girl Power” used to mean “get along with your girlfriends, and remember: girls before guys!”

Dasha Mélanie Domergue
Dasha is about to drop her debut EP.

Today, things have changed a little bit. “Girl Power” means supporting girls from the past, present, and future. It’s about raising your voice and fighting about what seems right to you.

The #Metoo movement has reinforced this sorority. It’s also about realizing you’re strong on your own. And an army of strong girls or women can accomplish great things.   

Dasha song’s visuals are pink and girlish. She uses that as a force. You might think she’s a sweet and innocent artist, almost naive, but she proves “Girl Power” isn’t something you make fun of.

Her lyrics are incisive but even if she’s heartbroken, she never fully blames the “other girl”. Therefore, she explains the women in her family are a part of her inspiration: “I’ve always been surrounded by women that are just so unafraid to get what they want. I guess I picked that up.” Dasha qualifies herself as a “Bad Bitch”: the movement “Girl Power” paved the way for this modern statement.

Mélanie Domergue

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