Take some time to clear your mind with Craig Sutcliffe’s « Kindred Spirits »

The pursuit of a dream is now a part of Craig Sutcliffe’s story. Now fully dedicated to his passion for music, the british composer just released his 5th studio album « Kindred Spirits » which marks also his 4th release in 2020 alone after « Journey », « Feelings » and « Music In My Heart ».

« Kindred Spirits » is a 15 instrumental track-piece carried by Craig Sutcliffe’s touch on the piano.

Going for full instrumental albums is a strong choice, through that choice Sutcliffe expresses the ambition to speak with melodies and tones rather than words.

Sometimes one’s feeling can’t be expressed or explained with words. Moreover, while words on a track may dictate what to feel to the listener, melodies, instead, reach the listener.

This is what Craig Sutcliffe accomplishes, his music reaches ears, hearts and souls. Each track of « Kindred Spirits » bears an evocative title and completes a palette of united colors, that’ll reach a listener’s internal dialogue.

With his minimalist style, Craig Sutcliffe has crafted a soothing piece, his peaceful and ethereal tones take us to many places, from the calm of beautiful and natural landscapes to our nearest and dearest memories.

The overall pureness and warmth of the album meets meditativeness, but also a strong sense of melancholy, striking, in the succession of « Alone In the Forest », « Family Life » and « Togetherness ».

At the end of the album, the composer flips the script by offering touching live performances with « Me and My Piano » and « Night Notes ».

« The inspiration behind the album was the many Kindred Spirits who come into our life and help us along our journey. Some stay for a short while and some forever ». Craig Sutcliffe

« Kindred Spirits » is a strong testament to Craig Sutcliffe’s approach to music. The composer’s approach is embedded in selflessness.

Having found a spark in a meditation class, Sutcliffe has made a mission of his to help people and respond to their feelings with his art. Indeed his music is now also used for relaxation, yoga, meditation and to help children sleep.

In front of the uncertainty of the times where stress and tension may dominate our daily lives, « Kindred Spirits » offers us a moment to pause and clear our minds.

Alfred Dilou

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