Nique Emerges As RnB Artist With Debut Song “The First”

If The First had a vibe I’d say

Nighttime, not meant for day

Sulking in the glow of city lights

Thinking about the sorry state of love’s plight

Sultry ambiance with a velvet intonation

Wondering how her first fits into the equation

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Nique has emerged onto the RnB scene with her debut single The First, which dropped on November 19th. While she may bring a fresh face to the industry, her voice holds a maturity and expressiveness that belie her youth.

Influenced by the likes of H.E.R., Ari Lennox, and Summer Walker, this aspiring artist would fit right in on a soul and RnB playlist. She has a velvety voice that is powerful yet nonchalant, and the way she draws out each verse in The First complements the track’s crooning background vocals perfectly.  

Nique The First Sounds So Beautiful

In this premiere song, Nique sings about her first love. Needless to say, it didn’t end well. “I wanted to be so honest in this song that it broke my own heart to listen to it,” she wrote on Instagram. “Anyone who has ever loved and lost can feel this, deeply.”

The First reads as an aching letter written to an ex. It’s not so much a song of regret, though, as it seems to be a way to say goodbye to and come to terms with that first love that was never meant to last. Because even though years have passed and she’s moved on to new people and places, a part of her still holds on to that first love:

No amount of time could qualify what you meant to me

First one to say you in love with me

Last one to say goodnight

First one to break all your promises, oh I…

Now we don’t even talk, don’t know where you’re at

Don’t know how you been  

We can never be the same

I guess it wasn’t worth all the sleepless nights

Nique, The First

In addition to the honesty of the lyrics, this song resonates with a rich sound made up of hypnotic, overlapping beats. Its energy is understated and nocturnal.

We can expect to see further exploration of heart break from Nique in the future. Her upcoming project— of which The First will feature on— is a deeply personal one centered on revelations about love. And if this song is anything to go by, her forthcoming EP will certainly be an expressive and emotional experience.

In the face of COVID-19 and the economic difficulties that arise from it, what’s next for the music industry is a little uncertain. But whatever that may be, as long as new artists like Nique keep putting their dreams and emotions and stories out there, as long as RnB and other styles continue to get infused with diverse and new voices, then the music business will be just fine.

Piper Anderson

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