Mi’Das: “Feels Like Only Yesterday”

After the story of a long journey, long enough to be told through an epic trilogy, “Story So Far’ series

Relating the trip of a soulful singer, the creative process of an artist, the quest through which one the hero

Grow then Glow as he gets Stronger along the way,

Mi’das gets back on track, and has another story to tell.

This time, the story shall be told through his debut album, soon to be released in 2016,  ‘All Inside Your Head’.

Produced by Nathan Williams.

The first single, sounds like a glance into the past :“Feels Like Only Yesterday”.

A song that highlights the light yet meaningful voice of the singer,

Always with his guitar, as much meaningful in its melodies and its solo, livenin up the track already lively:

‘My viewpoint’ Mi’das says ‘is that popular music doesn’t have to be throwaway.

We as musicians, songwriters and earthlings have the opportunity to say something in that 3-4 minute window.

If we convey it honestly and concisely it will hopefully then carry to the listener and affect them’.

Plus the vibes in this soulfully catchy Pop song take you back to the 70’s thrill, at the time of Stevie Wonder.

Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Joni Mitchell and Elton John’s timeless songwriting  are his strong influences, indeed.

Besides, the inspiration comes from nowadays artists as well, since he’s worked with artists like Jessie J, Rita Ora, Labyrinth, Jamie Cullum and many others.

Having performed in the greatest venues – the O2 arena, Royal Albert Hall, Hyde Park and Kensington Palace (In front of Prince William, Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift no less) – 2015has been a great year.

2016 is expected to be even greater with his debut album:  ‘All Inside Your Head’.


Marcus Gon

Rédacteur en chef de Sounds So Beautiful, et auteur de l’œuvre Poetically Yours. ,Storytelling, ou l'art de conter une histoire, l'effort de véhiculer un message, l'exploit de communiquer une émotion, ou bien encore le miracle d'inspirer et d'influencer. Sounds So Beautiful, founded by writer and musician Marcus Gon, is the international media, specialized in the music industry, working closely with advertisers and public relations, and allowing emerging artists to develop their career. Poetically yours

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