Susy Sun: Facing Her ‘Demons’

As the white and black keys are dancing on the keyboard,
Susy Sun’s pure voice sounding like one of those white and wise angels,

Is expressing how much her demons are putting pressure on her mind, body and soul.

Last time, we discovered her from her debut album Wanderlust, one recurrent thing in Susy’s artistry was the constant play of light,

Opposing light with darkness, which was either meant to illustrate her main topics in her songs:

Life (That’s Life), Death (Grey Skies), showing a calm and softness communicated by Susy’s soothing voice

And smooth play of classical piano

Yet hiding depths of dark matters.

This time, the light and the dark concern her own insecurities as person, penchant between the Good and the Evil

As she confides to Consequence of Sound : “I wrote ‘Demons’ about my insecurities, as an artist, and a person”.

As an artist indeed, as the new single “Demons” marks an actual evolution in Susy’s music.

The musical composition dives us into an eerie atmosphere, and got us progressing in darkness with the singer.

Despite all this shadow, positivity still shine brights in this song, and this is where the songwriting gets interesting:

Susy’s starts off by confessing “I’ve got demons up my sleeves, they just trying to drag me all around”: freedom and peace of mind begins with self-awareness.

You’re actually slowly attending a fight between Susy herself and her weaknesses.

Writing your wrongs may help you to change before it gets too late…

Matter fact, “it’s never too late”…

The production evolves completely from Wanderlust album.

Demons“, which, besides, is the follow up to “Any Other Way“,  was produced by Jon Redwine (Tinashe, Ludacris) and 52nd Street Productions.

This is definitely a great result.

Susy Su was already bae, but she’s getting even better, to the way to the perfection.

Let’s end this  with a summertime souvenir that we couldn’t forget in our dreams:


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