Art Of Shades – From Paris To Toronto

Art of Shades has just released his single Undone, featuring Toronto based singer Sylo Nozra.

This is the first song of his forthcoming EP, expected for spring, or rather the first chapter of a meaningful storytelling.

Art of Shades (AOS), Paris based Franco-Italian producer has the goal to multiply music collaborations around the world. His ambition led him to stretch his network towards Los Angeles.

For this debut single, he connected with Toronto; thanks to the internet, AOS overcame the gap made by physical distance and made a beautiful work with Sylo.

They both created a great vibe. Keys are mesmerizing, nonchalant is the voice, ambient coolness, this downtempo track reminds of what some call the Toronto sound, for a characteristic R&B sound.

AOS and Sylo were already friends before the making of the song, a friendship that the video pictures pretty well.

That way, the Undone visual stands for a symbol of all AOS’ new friendships, and all of my North American collaborations to come.


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