Jareth – Songwriting As Poetic As Hypnotic

London-based Jareth has released her new single Kaleidoscope,from her upcoming debut solo EP, intitled Moonchild, through new label Moonshot Music.

After several past collaborations, Kaleidoscope allows Jareth to unveil a brand new style, something much more stripped down and actually something that would sound much more as her very own craft.

Jareth’s songwriting, as poetic and dreamy as can be, is getting addictive, and makes the listener feel like being caught up into a mesmerizing loop. Ever since the very first chords, we penetrate her mind and can appreciate lyrics pretty much self-awakening focused.

Music is a form of therapy for Jareth, and by channeling all of her negative thoughts into creativity she’s discovered a newfound clarity.

Surrounded by producer Charlie J Perry’s who’s worked for Jorja Smith, dreamlike atmosphere, her words cut deep as she sings of ‘diving into the depths of one’s subconsciousness’ to confront your fears and learn to hypnotise yourself back to health.


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