ALIX explains what LOVE is with new album “Feel Better”

Love is a fascinating game, and us people, always have a natural tendency to play with it. When you think of it, all of our actions are guided by love. This perfectly pictures the core story in FEEL BETTER, ALIX’ debut album, released this September 25th.

ALIX knows the deal when it comes to love, in every kind of way. If you never heard of yet, the story that follows will amaze you.

alix feel better love songs

ALIX’ sensual, smooth and relaxing voice takes you to a whole different world, and makes you feel better, as you could infer from the name of her 11-song album. Indeed, the instrumental is chilling, joyful even when she’s talking about serious and sad subjects, it’s slow with a touch of electro and sensual like her voice.

The Californian born and raised woman is exploring the world of romance, dreaming and also she’s paying tribute to her home with her incredible masterpiece.

Her artistry is what we actually love at Sounds So Beautiful. Did you know she wrote, produced, mixed, mastered, recorded, edited and visually directed her own album with Paul Sikoral, in their studio at home? Mind-blowing, right?

To give you even more the desire to listen to her, her voice and universe reminds us of the American singer Madison Beer. We know you love her too.

Ha! Back on love already. Universal language, as cruel as beautiful. ALIX can tell. She actually explains it all with Feel better: What does love mean to her ? A lot of different things, indeed.


First with Ice cold, she says that some of us are just not girlfriend material, not the type of being in love and to be involved with somebody. But despite her coldness, she fell for a man. She wants him around her, but not « too much », which shows that she doesn’t totally want to change and stills must have her freedom. She also illustrate an « open relationship » with Spoiled. Having sex with someone, without especially having love for the person concerned is okay too. It’s another aspect of relationship, she really got the whole thing covered up, don’t you think ?


Love is like dreaming alive, but careful when you wake up because it might hit harder than expected. Satisfied shows it perfectly. This song described a toxic relationship, where it appears the love is not mutual or not as much as she would like it to be Like in Let’s leave, where her boyfriend took her on a date and she is so bored that she wants to take off.


Love can also be a disillusionment. With Young, we realized that when we are kids, we’re dreaming of being big and grown ups are always telling us to work hard so we can have a decent life. ALIX is talking about how it’s difficult to make it in real life and how you were dreamy as kids.

But never lose hope, never.


Love can be where your home is too, you know. She illustrates this great with Easy living. It’s about California (her home), its beautiful places and how the weather and the places she quoted are not making you want to go to your home. In Cali, living is easy with all we said before. It’s making us want to go there tomorrow !

And even with what we said before, relationship can go well and end well too.


In Dreams, she approaches the subject of what is a real healthy and loving relationship. The song Good ft. NEZZA is about one relationship the singer had where she wish for the one she broke up with, that he is good and moving on. It reminds us of the song Let me go by Hailee Steinfeld and Florida Georgia Line. In both of the songs, the singer wants the other one to find someone who could really love them for who they are. This is quite a positive song then because in the end, she just hope the best for him and wish him all the best.

And in Golden, she said we have to give the best of ourselves, to not give up on you and your dreams and not letting anyone between. She never surrender and now, she’s in her « golden hour ».


Finally, with  Lucky, she talks about a very actual matter : self-love. She learnt to love herself thanks to one of her friends who became her lover, and it’s a good relationship too, she says she « feels so lucky » to have him by her side.

With all the body-shaming and hatred there is on social media and real-life, we forgot a little bit how to love ourselves first. If you missed all of the movements and huges stars speeches’ like Lizzo or Meghan Trainor, who spread self-loving and that you’re perfect just the way you are, it’s taht you’re living in a cave because it’s a major thing nowadays, finally.

And to end this article, I will quote Haiee Steinfeld, who said « I love myself, I don’t need anybody else », which is the perfect representation of what Feel Better by ALIX mean to us.

Camille Laval

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