Lyric Jones takes us back to the club with new single « Show You How »

“While we’re here, the whole world is turning,
We should be one, fulfilling our yearning.” Minnie Riperton

The MC, singer-songwriter and drummer from Boston is on a roll this year. After showcasing her lyrical chops with the remarkable EP Acquired Taste, she gifted us with a beautiful NPR Tiny Desk Home performance.

Keeping the momentum going, she unveils a new colour of her resourceful artistry with « Show You How », the lead single of her upcoming album Closer Than They Appear, an album executive-produced by Phonte of Little Brother.

« The goal with this song is simple: to have fun! It’s been a stressful year and my music as of lately has been serious or very pensive. I wanted to switch it up in all aspects from the genre, personnel, and topic. Women’s sexuality has been a hot topic over the past couple months. I feel the beauty with words is how you use them. I wanted to have a ‘sexy’ bop but paint the picture while leaving room for imagination and less explicit. » Lyric Jones

« Show You How » is a quintessential party jam. Through its house-influenced musicality and ideal paced beat transpires the nightlife experience : people picking out their best outfit, the bright lights, the songs that’ll push you to get your two-step on.

Intentionally sensual, Jones flows on the track with flavor and elasticity, her characteristic ability to rhyme and sing is here on full display. Word after word, she heats things up as she cleverly reveals her intentions and leads her lover towards her desires. Owning her sexuality in every way she doesn’t try to hide her vulnerability either as she concedes « I’m a sheep in wolves clothing ».

The bostonian’s playful number finds a fiery correspondent in Chicago’s own Vic Mensa. The Chi-town rapper – who came out this year with a new album called V Tape – flexes with boastful swagger and rhymes with an effortless flow. With brutal honesty he sums up his all approach : « I can show you better than I can tell you ».

Both Lyric Jones and Mensa embody the sides of the same coin, the unapologetic voices of a sultry piece. It all makes up for a let’s-immediatly-rush-to-the-dancefloor-tune which, in this year is so necessary. Moreover, « Show You How » is a quick reminder that when owned and rooted in understanding, sexuality stays free of the overall obscurity that surrounds the topic nowadays.

Showing a new side of her art while further proving how immensely talented she is, Lyric Jones covers her tracks and builds up once more, the anticipation for her upcoming album.

Alfred Dilou

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