The Recipe to Get What You Call a… DREAM COME TRUE


This is the recipe to get what you call a… DREAM COME TRUE

I really wanna thank ASB Photography ( for her photographs and her time and support. Her love and passion for music guided her inspiration, but her talent is beyond what you could expect.
I mean, everytime I have to work with her, I feel like I am the visionay, and she’s the one who best translate this vision, addidng a slight touch of her inspiration, addind light to the vision to everybod’ys eyes.

I really wanna thank my great friend Navid and from the Master’s Club ; nothing could have been possible without him. We sure need more people like him for more parties and crazy nights like that.

I really wanna thank all the musiciens who participated and contributed to this first experience. They were the beating heart of this show. Either the soulful NDMC.’s intrumentals and lyrics, either the astonishing Anthony’s voice from Ootaran with Yves’ energy, either the electricity and fire from the Golden & Co who did blaze the place.

I really wanna thank LYON JAZZ Collectif for its support with its great jazz men such as Julien Bertrand.

I really wanna thank you public for showing so much love ( LOL = Lots Of Love).

… What More Can I Say?

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