Jessica Hoyle (Jessiiicat): When A Voice Puts A Spell On Thee From Chicago

Her soulful voice won’t stop haunting you  like a ghost without a cause

Chasing you in your dreams, putting a spell on your thoughts

Even the most unthinkable ones.

 If a cause did this kind of ghost really have, then it must be to make you rewind 

The profound lyrics diving deeper and deeper in this empty mind of yours

Filling the holes of this mind with authenticity, pure emotion, and values worth

Than a dirty pussy hoeing in front of green eyes, greedy for money and other things…

As inspiring as a blunt you roll and light for some,

Or as suggestive as a full starred sky by night; wholy holy goddish art work

Jessica Hoyle is a sweet music for the ears, a pretty young delight.

She’s young but her poetry is so mature and worth a pot of gold.

The way she gets directly inspired from a song, the way she makes it her own

The way she rearranges it, the way she prints her own emotions and feelings covering the song

The way she looks so natural and (maybe not so) naive,

And, the way she adds her own original ingredients to the song’s lyrics she’s covering,

Just drives you amazed and inspired too. Hoyle’s function is to create and share through her music

Like would do Ms Lauryn Hill.

The first time her voice and lyrics did shine to put a spell on my mind

Her deeply sincere lyrics sounded as provocative and true as Amy Winehouse’s voice.

Sounds so bluesy and not steady (but still right though), maybe cause too emotional

A delivery as nice as a Kendrick’s or as Chance The Rapper’s delivery.

She made a big buzz with her cover of Cocoa Butter Kisses, definitely the best cover on Youtube:

At last, even simply chatting with her happens to be inspirational as ever.

Check the conversation below:

Jessica Hoyle (Jessiiicat): When A Voice Puts A Spell On Thee From Chicago 1
Marcus Drumming Poet
Would you mind if I write up a review about you and your music on my website!
Your talent deserves to be spread soooooo much.
Such a heaviness and power in the voice diggin in the interpretation… Dang, you’re a mind-blower! 
Jessica Hoyle (Jessiiicat): When A Voice Puts A Spell On Thee From Chicago 2
Of course you can! I”m so flattered, thank you 🙂 I really appreciate anyone that spreads the message about me. It’s dope to know you’re diggin it so much as to write a review on me. Worrrrd (:
Jessica Hoyle (Jessiiicat): When A Voice Puts A Spell On Thee From Chicago 3
I’ll be back to you then to show you the review 🙂
You really are something else (in the right way).
If you were called a song name, your’d be called ‘Blow My Mind’ by Jamiroquai!Congrats on your work.
Btw, I feel you get a lot of Amy Winehouse’s color in the voice, and a bit of Chance’s he Rapper’s sometimes, right? Any other influences? 🙂 
well.. just where do you get the inspiration and your interpretation? 🙂
Jessica Hoyle (Jessiiicat): When A Voice Puts A Spell On Thee From Chicago 2
Sounds awesomeee! and hahaha yess that’s awesome you just made that Jamiroquai reference. And thank you again! Yes, Amy and Chance both influence me. I also am inspired by Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Pro Era, King Krule, Kendrick Lamar, and the Growlers. Interpretation wise, I have no clue I just vibe and try to match it at least somewhat, if not, very closely. I just listen to many different types of music so I like shaping those masterpieces into lil remixes ahaha
 … Well now: Can You Dig It?

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