Jessica Curran – Music As Colorful As Autumn Leaves

Seven Weightless Autumn leaves falling Here and there

Upright like a well Grounded tree, still rooted to Boston,

Despite the Distance and the gloom of dark Night Visions

She dances and sings with a sweeet feeling of Belonging, found in Stockholm.

Jessica Curran, already discovered in February, during her trip in Lyon, is back with the release of her debut album, HERE, out this October 2nd, 2017.

Blends of Jazz, Latin Dance, Soul and Funk, the album is thriving.

This album is colorful and filled up with honest emotions felt along Jessica’s journey throughout Europe.

You can feel the thrill and her cheerful personality in tracks like Grounded, catchy with the rhythmics, and feel as well as the fears and anxieties in songs like Night Visions.

Rich is the instrumentation, with the strings and percussion. As if her lead vocals weren’t enough, the presence of the violin emphasizes the idea of lightness and weightlessness along this 7 track album.

Upright might be one of her richest compositions.

This piece offers the best of space for two instruments almost omni-present in the album, the double bass (2 minute chorus) and the violin, in perfect harmony with the guitar strings.

The back vocals suddenly happening after the violin (at 5min28) adds another touch of emotion, another color to the picture, a delight and a somewhat feeling of relief.

here jessica curan

She’s been working for a long time on this album with her fellow students in Stockholm.

Inspired by any shape or form of art (dancing, painting,…) she put out an enjoyable and beautiful piece of work, pure result of creativity.



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