Caitlin Eadie – Connecting With The Heart And Soul Of A Poet (Interview)

Black ink on a blank page, black thoughts on the same page

The drop of a tear, followed by the drop of a letter,

Words written in disbelief, words spoken with relief,

Life exposed in one line, lyrics to reflect the blushing face of the author

Life exposed in one verse, lyrics of an unapologetic author

Songwriting, a space for naked souls and pure poets

And poetry is an open door.

Caitlin Eadie is that musical nomad, that goes and plays shows from coast to coast in the US and in Europe. Playing live since 10 years old in a small town in North Florida.

Based in Nashville, she was raised a songwriter, before came the opportunity to leave for Los Angeles and grow a professional artist there.

Elaborate songwriting, she can seamlessly blend the languages of Soul, R&B and Pop/Folk. Then it is not a surprise to find Paolo Nutini and Billie Holiday count among her main influences.

With that being said, listening to her second single, Don’t Want To Be, you can hear and appreciate how well Eadie has remained carefull to every pitch and note from the voice of Amy Winehouse. This track really reflects her inspiration and admiration from Amy.

On the other hand, the heart-breaking, stripped-down piano song Like Me  recalls the likes of Adele’s kind of songwriting.

Eadie’s second single is off of her new album, titled Balancing Act, a rich piece of work released July 14th, 2017.

The artistic vision for this project was the freedom of creativity. At all cost does the singer avoid to fit in a box.

Her music covers so many styles, her universe is so wide, you can’t really classify what Caitlin Eadie creates. Songs like Heartbeat for example can be seen as Pop Music as well R&B/Soul music.

You can only identify the main ingredients: soft and soulful lead vocals, ethereal back vocals, smooth experimentation, and an electronic production with catchy drum patterns and rhythms. This is the recipe of a beautiful body of work.

The distinctive point in Caitlin Eadie’s artistry: her poetry. Genius association of words, vivid metaphors. There’s a whole life in one line, and the more she writes, the deeper we get. That’s how you connect with the soul of a poet.

To connect even more, we have the chance to have a conversation with the poet herself, to get to know her a little more, and fully embrace her music.


“You turned me into someone who cannot bite my tongue
The switch was lifted, and I have not fit in
A single room I’ve tried to walk into

You brought a wallflower to life
Then you cursed the day that I found my voice shifted to higher limits
Cause I sang all your secrets too loud”
Caitlin Eadie – Lesson Learned

SSB: There is so much poetry and suggestiveness in your lyrics and the way you sing it, you really are something else, and it’s a delight to hear.
How did you get into poetry? Have you ever done spoken word, or writing contest?

Caitlin Eadie: When I was in middle school, my mom handed over a few journals of her writings to me, those journals ignited a love for poetry, and free writing.

In college, I took a class that focused on analyzing classic poetry, and it completely shifted my perspective on writing.

I’ve never done spoken word, or writing contests, but writing is something I do daily.

SSB: Now back on your album, why choosing the title ‘Balancing Act’ for your album? What does it represent to you?

Caitlin Eadie: ‘Balancing Act’ for me.. was allowing my life experiences, and all my musical influences to sit on one album unapologetically, and letting my voice tie it together.

I made an album I’d want to listen to from start to finish, and I embraced every side and sound of me while creating it.

I feel that too often we give up parts of ourselves to fit in someone else’s box. We soften this edge here, mold this part to fit with their view of us, and I just let all of that go when making this album.

SSB: Thinking of “MICHAELANGELO“, how do you approach your anger and crushed feelings in your songwriting?

Caitlin Eadie: At that time, I handled my frustration, and anger by driving straight to the studio, and quickly writing, and recording how I felt.

I laced it up with a larger allusion, but I left no truth or emotion out, and even though I felt embarrassed and naked, by sharing it with the world when releasing this album, it seems that the more unfiltered I am the more I’m able to connect with people.

I live for the moments when people say that’s “my song” when referring to a song I wrote.

I make music to connect with people, so that requires honesty when it’s uncomfortable, and vulnerability of the spectrum of emotions within me

SSB: Why “Palm Tree Dreaming” is one of your favorite writes?

Caitlin Eadie: That is one of my favorite writes because of the two beautiful people I wrote it with- Shaun Balin and Isabeau Miller.

It was so effortless. Actually, all of our writes are effortless. We meet up to write one song and we leave with three.

I think when you own a safe space with co-writers you can just flow. They also have a similar mind set, where we just write what comes, and edit later.

Every writer is different- but that’s the kind of writer I prefer to write with.

Set your critic aside, say what comes to mind, and allow the flow. Once everything’s said and done- then bring your critic out to edit. 

SSB: #SongwriterProblems Have you ever written a song so beautiful and meaningful to you, that you were scared you could not write another song just as good? How do you challenge your creativity in studio and on stage?

Caitlin Eadie: Honestly, I have never had that feeling. I am obsessive about being better and better at many things in life.

I have other fears and worries though. I worry that I might not tap into my best writing or not connect with people deep enough during my time.

SSB: What is your relation with your producer? How do share your vision for the creative process?

Caitlin Eadie: “Balancing Act” would not exist without my co-producer Cameron Tyler.

We originally began building a catalog of music together- which slowly unveiled as a possible album for me as an artist.

We have opposite skills sets, so we really pushed each other forward, and grew so much together. He’s like family after spending so many hours chipping away at the music and going through so much life together during that period.

We we’re a two person team within creating this album- beyond the few co-writers and the talented musicians who played on a few of the songs.

There were only three songs on the album that were older songs of mine, that he didn’t have as much of a hand in, but he still mixed them, and was very patient throughout the whole process of getting each song the way I imagined, while offering up his skills, opinions, and talent.

SSB: Finally, there’s a thriving musician community in California. Have you heard of Los Angeles based artists Katie Ferrara and Melody Federer (both discovered and interviewed on Sounds So Beautiful too)?
Are there some other emerging artists in California that catch your attention, even admiration?

Caitlin Eadie: I have heard of those artists- they are both VERY talented!

This question is the hardest, because my friend group consists ONLY of beautiful, and talented people.

I will go with an emerging artist who’s inspired me most lately. His name is Stan Taylor. He is an amazing singer, songwriter, and a super captivating performer.

I love the experience, when you watch, or hear an artist who just gives all of themselves away in that moment of music.

I constantly see him working so hard, and giving all of himself like that  first time I saw him perform, and it has really inspired me.

I’m really inspired by people who show up. The people who work hard and stay kind. 

SSB: Thank you for such an inspiring conversation. This shall be inspiring for every singer-songwriters, and profesionnal musicians. Great connecting with you.

All the best with you album, already available here.

Marcus Gon

Rédacteur en chef de Sounds So Beautiful, et auteur de l’œuvre Poetically Yours. ,Storytelling, ou l'art de conter une histoire, l'effort de véhiculer un message, l'exploit de communiquer une émotion, ou bien encore le miracle d'inspirer et d'influencer. Sounds So Beautiful, founded by writer and musician Marcus Gon, is the international media, specialized in the music industry, working closely with advertisers and public relations, and allowing emerging artists to develop their career. Poetically yours

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