Chance The Rapper Makes Plenty References To The 90’s Music In The Big Day

Chance The Rapper is in a new mood for this summer. He’s on some celebration mode.

After the success of his three prior mixtapes, which sound quite like a trilogy when put together, Chano decides to finally release his official debut album. His Ten Day and Acid Rap fans might miss the 2013 Chancelor.

With that being said, the rapper begins the album with his friend John Legend (the good married man who sings the perfect wedding song “All Of Me”) who states

We can’t be out here pleasin’ everybody; We know who we are”. 

Chance doesn’t care no more being Mr Popular, as long as he’s got his life together, his love, his children, and his faith in God. Certainly does he know his project might not please his usual audience. But he knows where we wants to go with this project, and what The Big Day album means to him.

As such, the lyricist, gospel-ish, raps-for-raps, always-with-a-cap guy we used to know has seemed to turn into a new man. The Chance we’re experimenting here is a man who’s living his Best Life and just wanna have fun with his closest ones.

Back to his unreleased song on Colbert’s show, First World Problem, performed two years ago, Chance opens up about regrets and nostalgia of the times he used to  share with his family.

In such an open-hearted and introspective song, he raps rhymes such as:

“My daughter barely recognize me when I lose the hat / You go so far, you hit a point where you can’t Uber back”

chance the rapper 90's baby sounds so beautiful

I think my little cousins want they cousin back / The automatic quarterback that doesn’t rap”,

Therefore, it is no surprise to have him lose his cap for the cover art of his debut album and make songs (marketed) for kids – and probably make smile again his little cousins – with funny, playful and successful singles such as Groceries and Hot Shower.

Not only doesn’t he take himself too seriously in this project, but he changes his sound signature takes the risk to have his sound signature evolve.

Plus the audience Chance is targetting is much more towards a younger public, playlful and carefree.

The Big Day definitely sounds Pop (the Michael Jackson kind of Pop). However, if you listen carefully, you’ll notice all the references to the 90’s.

This is an album dedicated to all the 90’s babies, made by an artist born himself in 1993. He then brings back to good old R&B and manages to give it a modern flavor in his Rap album.

Here’s a list of artists that’ll throw you back 15 to 20+ years way back.

This is an album that aims at gathering Chance’s family (Roo, featuring the Benett brothers), and celebrating the Eternal love he now vows to his spouse.

For a one-night-stand ain’t nothing compared to a one-life-love.


The Ballin’ Flossin by Chance The Rapper, features Brandy’s vocals singing a song that made the childhood of all 90’s babies, grown in the early 2000’s. In the samples, you can hear melodies off of I Wanna Be Down, released in 2005.


Get a Bag samples this 1985 hit by James Taylor.

SWV (Sisters With Voices)

Found A Good One (Single No More) features SWV famous for this timeless song released in 1993.


I Got You (Always And Forever) features the iconic female band En Vogue, known for this international success in 1996. It also features Ari Lennox, deeply influenced by the R&B love songs from the 90’s, quite like Ella Mai.

This whole album sounds like a party and a celebration, where Chance invites her wife to dance together and forever, and say some crazy like “I love you”.

By the way, from May I Have This Dance to The Big Day, Francis and the Lights seems to be Chance’s Best Man for his wedding.

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