Tess Henley – The Smoothest Melodies Off Of Her Mini-Album, BETTER

As previously talked about, Tess Henley has finally released her new EP, preferly called a mini-album, titled Better.

As Henley confides :  “I’m here again and am so grateful for that feeling and everything I’ve learned in the process – learning to trust myself more, learning to be kinder to myself and learning that I’m capable of more than I think or even know sometimes. “

Same Girl aims at empowering women to feel comfortable with their self induviduality, and acknowledge their very own worth without the need to compete with others. Every woman, though they might look alike, have their unique journey and unique growth.

After such an uplifting message, listening to the Better EP sounds even more deligtful. Tracks like Love it or Leave It offer innovative production, lively and catchy, as a typical song to be played on stage at a festival.

Talking about live performances, she’s opening up for Lianne La Havas this summer:

Lianne La Havas Tess Henley

Once again, Tess Henley falls for some elegant and lovely traditional jazz melodies, with a wink to the crooner Dean Martin. This would almost gets you to Christmas time with its joyful and carefree melody.

Finally, La La Land concludes this mini-album latin groove still taints her Soul music and recalls the times she used to jam over High Heels & Sneakers, her very first project.

It sounds like such a soothing balad, written with the sweetest melodies that would rock you till the break of dawn.

The songwriting is bewitching, the delivery of her lyrics invites you to dance barefeet and mind free. This sounds like a theme for happiness.

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