Back With Tameca Jones: Interview With A ‘Sonic Honey Thunder’

Back at it again with the Lady of Soul straight outta  Austin, Tameca Jones, a woman you never get tired of listening.

Its actually a delight to simply hear her voice, getting addicted to the Blues in her Soul sprinkled with Rock.

Tameca is not just a songstress, she could be regarded as a SuperWoman (just like in Alicia Key’s song) as she wears the caps of a mother, a daughter, a friend, an entertainer, and the list goes on…

Let us discover more in depth who is Tameca through her musicianship:


1) When it comes to your lyrics and even the overall songwriting, how do you challenge your creativity? 

It is always a challenge to be creative.  There is so much self-doubt and everyday obligations that I must combat every time I create. 

You’re someone’s mother, daughter, friend, entertainment, etc.  There are a lot of annoyances that get in the way of the creative process.  

So it is a challenge to create every time I sit down to work on music because there is always something to do. 

Like right now, I see a load of dirty clothes on the floor.  I have to find players for upcoming gigs. I need to promote upcoming shows.  Soon, I’ll have to take my twins their lunch.  There is always something to do, you know?

It is always a challenge to silence the real world distractions so that you can hear the muse when she speaks to you.

2)Gary Clark Jr doesn’t write down lyrics, he waits for the melody to become a lyric, then a verse, then a chorus… How about you? Do you proceed in the same way?

I’m an anything goes kind of artist.  I don’t have a set method yet. It is mainly trial and error. 

A lot of the times though, I come up with the lyrics first and try to get what vibe I’m going for. 

Are the lyrics sassy? Then, I’m going to have a sassy melody.  Are the lyrics about loss or heartache? Then, I’m going to have a languid and plaintive melody. 

There have been times when I come up with both lyrics and melody by vibing off a loop.  Anything goes.

3)How did you write your song ‘Wings’ together?

Gary wrote “Wings.”  He came to one of my shows while he was in town and asked me if I would be interested in singing the hook to it.

I met him at Arlyn Studios where he played the track for me and sang the chorus melody. 

I put a slight spin on what he sang to me, cut the track, and that was that.  

4)People always get blown away by your voice. How do you challenge your voice to always remain on top of your game?

I experiment with tone and phrasing 7 days a week.  I sing into a microphone and figure out what sounds cool to me.

People like Beyonce or Rihanna, they have vocal coaches telling them how to pronounce and sing whenever they record songs. 

I just have little ole Tameca Jones.  So I am very conscious of putting out the best product because I have to watch my own back.

5) Which tips could you give to singers who continually practice to improve their skills? 

Listen to other singers, their phrasings, and how they emote with their voice. 

I’ve been listening to Prince lately.  You could write an encyclopedia on “Purple Rain.” His vocal performance in that song is ridiculous.  It has so many tones and textures. 

I also listen to Rihanna and Beyonce.  Their tone and annunciations fascinate me. 

I’m a tone snob really. Listening to other singers can teach you new skills and techniques.  It will give you more colors to paint with. 

6) Do you tend to transmit your passion for music and authentic songwriting to your twins?

Every single day.  My twins are so tired of me singing and making up songs all the time.  I wake up and go to bed singing. 

My daughter loves music. She’s a teenage girl so of course she constantly has her headphones in listening to music.  She has pretty good taste too. She’s turned me onto some good stuff, like the rapper Logic.

7)The Austin Festival has been your dream come true. However, you one said that you don’t feel like fitting into the Austin music scene. Then, what’d be your ideal music scene?

I said that? I don’t recall saying that I didn’t feel like fitting into the Austin scene.  Maybe I said I grew weary of being someone’s Thursday night when I used to perform a show every week. I don’t have an ideal music scene. Austin is all I’ve ever known. I haven’t traveled very much to know any better.  

8) Among all the songs you’ve ever covered, was there any song that helped you feel ‘Naked’? Why?

No, not really.  I didn’t start feeling naked until I made my own songs.  Every time I do a cover, even though I don’t perform it like the original, I always feel like I’m wearing someone else’s skin.  If you watch me perform a cover and then watch me perform an original, you can tell there is a difference in my passion, albeit very slight.  

9) What is that one song from your upcoming EP that definitely reflects your naked self, just the way you are? Why?

I really think the song “Sandman” reflects my naked self. 

It is one of the first songs I ever wrote.  One of the first songs I “took off the covers.” 

It is also the song that has evolved the most over time. 

I have so many versions of it because as I grew as an artist and musician, I outgrew old versions of that song and to update it. 

10)Where can we see you perform this year?

As soon as I finish the EP, I plan on touring around Texas and other states. 

I’ve never been on tour before so I’m excited to bring my music to other people and gain more fans. 

Playing in Austin is fun, but I want to experience other cities and make connections to fuel more sonic creativity.

Marcus Gon

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