Skunkmello: Keeping Rock’n’Roll Alive

You might not be riding a horse when you listen to Skunkmello, but you might get the feeling to be riding like a lonsone and hardluck cowboy though

You might not have a gun on your hip when you listen to Skunkmello, but you might get the feeling to be shooting for the stars

You might not have eaten yet before you listen to Skunkmello, but you sure will think of nothing else but chicken,

As the Brooklyn-based rock & rollers, Skunkmello, are presenting you the first tracks of their forthcoming album titled Hot Chicken, coming out June 10th,

An album proud of rock’n’roll traditions, an album out of an eclectic mix of influences, from folk, to blues, to rock

Finally, an album, full of a collection of organic, conscious and lively tracks to listen loud.

Skunkmello criss-crossed the country and graced the stages of national venues and music festivals,
Including SXSW, CMJ and Musikfest.
Blending the influences of classic rockers and blues artists, such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, Townes Van Zandt and The Rolling Stones,
Skunkmello celebrate the traditions of rock ‘n’ roll with brazen irreverence.
Photo credit:  AJ Ferrer

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