Back With Chess Galea: Our Favorite Songs From Her Debut Album


Hard working and fully dedicated artist Chess Galea dropped her debut album

Ten days ago, and after multiple and delightful listens, it deserves a review to be penned.

Here is a focus on a few tracks that caught our attention, actually our favorites.

1) Sold

One of the most mesmerizing tracks. This is actually one cinematic piece

It offers one of the most realistic paintings of Chess’ everyday life, as an individual’s soul torn apart between her dreams and her reality,

Her dreams or rather ambitions, and her frustrations (with a 9 to 5 job).

It depicts the state of mind of someone living a life a complicated situation, but also of someone who eventually earns it, and can enjoy the fruit of her labor.

2) Ready To Roar vs I Am 

Opposing Ready To Roar to I Am shows how much Chess was willing to gather all kind of emotions in her album.

Ready To Roar is actually quite aggressive, this is loud, this is unapologetic, this is warm and fierce

On the other hand, I Am is way mellower, softer, and cooler.

The common point is in the phrasing, the tones and accentuation are quite the same in the two songs,

Exposing someone simply expressing her true self though expressing it in a different mood.

3) #PL

Very aerial and light, shares cheerful emotions.

Nice example of a mix of Soul (soulful vocals) & Pop.

4) Right Now

This one inspires to imagine a choreography all along the verses,

It would make a beautiful music video, and that’s for sure, knowing how much Chess likes highlighting her art of dancing with singing in a visual.

5) Hard to Handle

Perfect to end this top 5.

It well serves her voice, effortlessly powerful,

This track shows here a young lady as classy as sassy as can be.

Plus it is easy to notice her influence from Christina Aguilera:


Go order your copy!



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