Pamela Hute – Making Her Way From Paris To New York

A new day, a new experience, a new journey.

Today is an experimental  4-piece collection of everlasting feelings and emotions

All captured in the loop of the progressive instrumentation

Made of an atmospheric guitar, and suggestive synth-pop, with drums shaping the overall body of each song,

As rises Pamela Hute’s soft voice, supported by eerie back vocals.

You hear the eerie vocals in tracks like Banshees, which suit the title the track, and the atmosphere that it inspires.

Besides the vocals, synth-pop is Hute’s subtle signature, behind all this new indie rock universe.

Indeed, based in Paris, Pamela Hute has made a name for herself with previous projects like Turtle Tales From Overseas (2010) and Bandit (2013).

Maybe Turtle Tales From Overseas was a prediction for her to spread the word of her music abroad:

Her latest project, Today, released this September 16th 2016, is synonymous of a new journey for her.

Recording her EP between Paris, Dordogne, New York City and San Francisco by Jay Pellicci (Dodos, Avi Buffalo, Sophie Hunger and Sleater Kinney).

What is more, Today, inspired after a trip in California, is her most personal project, and her most ambitious,

As she took risk making something different and overcoming the challenge to make a way in another country, across the seas.


Marcus Gon

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